Moby Recently Ran Into Former Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Izzy Stradlin!

Moby Briefly Mentions Seeing Izzy Stradlin Recently In New Interview

Moby was being interviewed on Sirius XM recently and in addition to talking about Axl Rose not speaking to him anymore, he also briefly mentioned running into Izzy Stradlin. Here’s what he had to say

“And then I made [the massively-successful 1999 album] ‘Play’ and Axl still hates me. He won’t talk to me. I don’t know why ’cause I actually found him to be kind of, like, an endearing, interesting character.

“Like, one of the things that made me sad about not producing ‘Chinese Democracy’ is that it meant the end of my weird friendship with Axl. Even now, I’ll see him out and he won’t talk to me.

“But everybody else in the band – not that they were involved [with ‘Chinese Democracy’], but Slash, Duff, Matt Sorum, and I saw Izzy the other night, and they’re all great. Humble, sober, wonderful human beings. I’m sure Axl is also wonderful, he just won’t talk to me.”

If i was a betting man I’d say that the reason Axl Rose is probably upset at Moby is because he talked quite openly about working with Guns N’ Roses in 1997 and even talked to magazine’s like Spin and other publications about Axl’s state of mind and even what his hair looked like at the time. Axl maybe found that Moby couldn’t keep his mouth shut and was probably relieved that he didn’t get the producer job for ‘Chinese Democracy’. In a separate interview Moby also told Axl to record the record in two weeks and release it but apparently Axl wasn’t a fan of that idea. It would’ve saved us fans a long time waiting if he had just taken Moby’s advice. It’s just funny to hear how long it took Axl to record vocals for the album.