Slash and Duff Refused To Play Two Guns N’ Roses Songs in Velvet Revolver!

Slash and Duff

Slash and Duff Said No To Two Guns N’ Roses Songs

Velvet Revolver guitarist Dave Kushner was interviewed on the Appetite For Distortion Podcast recently. On the show, Kushner revealed which two Guns N’ Roses songs Slash and Duff weren’t comfortable playing in Velvet Revolver. The exchange was as follows:

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Kushner: I think that, and I gotta be honest man – contrary to everything I just said, when we did those two bands in Velvet Revolver, it felt really good.

Brando: Cool.

Kushner: It felt like the one time where you had the guys musically from Guns N’ Roses playing. You had all the Slash stuff, the Duff [McKagan] stuff and Matt [Sorum] stuff. You really had all of those elements so it’s different. With Black Hole Sun it’s a completely different band. Even though they’re good, it’s completely different. When you are doing Guns N’ Roses with three fifths of Guns N’ Roses, it sounds like Guns N’ Roses and Scott [Weiland] was a great singer. Scott could do both of those parts.

Brando: Yeah.

Kushner: Scott could do the low baritone part, he could do, you know, all of that stuff. I think with that it was a bit of a different thing.

Brando: Okay.

Kushner: Scott would pick the songs that he would want to do. At the end of the day, the singer’s gotta be the most comfortable one, you know? With the band guys, they would – the only thing they only never wanted to do was Sweet Child Of Mine or Welcome To The Jungle. Those were kind of the two off limit songs. Everything else was like: “yeah, let’s do that!”

Brando: Yeah that would of been weird.

Kushner: Scott was like: “What if we would do this song” but as a singer, you’re the one that’s gotta be the most comfortable.