The Story of Guns N’ Roses Singer Axl Rose’s Audition For AC/DC Revealed!

Axl Rose and Angus Young

Duff McKagan Reveals Axl Rose Audition Process for AC/DC

Duff McKagan recently appeared on the Joey Diaz podcast and discussed Axl Rose’s audition story for AC/DC saying the following:

Duff: The way Axl Rose did that was amazing, he’s like: “If you guys don’t mind, I’m gonna go try out [for AC/DC], they need a hand here”. I was like: “yeah, we know.” Like, Bon Scott is his all-time [favorite] and it’s like: “dude, you don’t have to try out for AC/DC.” Yet, Axl was really nervous.

Duff: Axl goes: “I’m gonna go try and out and just see if they got a couple of months. It fits in with Guns N’ Roses’ touring schedule perfectly”. Slash and I are like: “you got the gig!” but he went to Atlanta and “tried out” and got the gig. I saw him twice on that tour, flew to London to see him, flew to Cleveland to see that [as well]

Diaz: Was he phenomenal?

Duff: Axl was great.

Diaz: Phenomenal AC/DC.

Duff: I just think what it did for him, you know, we got to know Angus [Young] through that. Angus came out and played with us a bunch of times and that was I think that thing when you’re fourteen or fifteen when Axl was that age, like: “man, if I ever got to be in AC/DC!” You know, you’re singing with a broom and he finally got to do it.

Dave Grohl Goes After Fan Being Disrespectful to Him

Dave Grohl wasn’t happy with a fan during Foo Fighters’ show at the Sonic Temple festival on Sunday in Columbus, Ohio. A fan who Grohl called a ‘weight lifter’ appeared to be giving a ‘wrap it up’ motion in the front row when he was introducing the band’s drummer.

“Let’s have Taylor Hawkins come down and play a song. Oh I’m sorry, am I taking too long for you? There’s a guy in the front row [doing a wrap it up motion]. Is it too much? Would you rather I [does mocking metal growl]?

Is that what you want? Play to a bunch of backing tracks? do [does metal growl again]? No. I’m going to have Taylor Hawkins come down and play a Queen song. Come on down. This one is for the weight lifter right there [does metal grown again].”

Due to weather, some acts at Sonic Temple had their performances canceled on Sunday.

Sonic Temple had to issue an apology to attendees stating, “At the end of the day, there are two things that we can’t control and that really put an outdoor festival at risk – lightning and the wind. We were experiencing high intermittent wind that caused concern. For safety reasons, first we shut down the Wave stage. Then we cleared the floor of the main stage for safety.”

“We are so grateful for how quickly and safely you exited the festival grounds and how patiently you were until we could re-open the doors. It was incredibly rewarding for me to see you all safely come back. We could feel your energy and excitement building as we got ready for the Foo Fighters to take the stage. And wow did they give us an absolutely epic performance.”