The Time Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain Wanted To Tour With Guns N’ Roses!

Axl Rose vs Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain Once Claimed He Wanted to Tour With Guns N’ Roses To See the Whole “Circus”

Kurt Cobain has been known to not be a fan of Guns N’ Roses and frontman Axl Rose. Cobain once gave an interview where he claimed he wanted to tour with Guns N’ Roses just to see the whole “circus”. That’s what we discuss in today’s video!

Duff McKagan Talks to Metro UK About His New Album “Tenderness”

Duff “Punk Rock” McKagan recently talked to the Metro UK about his upcoming album and tour “Tenderness”, which comes out this Friay. He talked about being vocal politically and how people’s jobs shouldn’t limit their ability to talk politics saying:

‘Since when has what we do as a living defined our voice? I didn’t get that at all. That’s unAmerican to shout somebody down and saying, “You drive a truck. You don’t get a voice because you’re a truck driver. You play in a rock band, you don’t have a voice because you play in a rock band. You play basketball, so you don’t get a voice because you play basketball.” This could go all the way across the board. ‘I don’t know, this is social media, again, but if I get condemned for indeed saying something political, or social political. I don’t really care. What, I’m gonna lose some followers? I don’t really care.’

When asked if he believes it’s important to be vocal about things happening in politics or society, he continued: ‘I’ll think about it first… In America and in Britain, we are the ones who are supposed to be governing this thing, we’re supposed to be voting the people in and they’re supposed to be doing our  bidding. That’s the way it’s set up. ‘So then you get… LeBron James will say something on social media that’s correct. And this guy is not only a good dude, he’s also like started schools and stuff with his money. It’s not some lame guy. And he will come out and say something in a political matter, social political. And he’ll get the “stay in your lane play basketball” [response]. Last I checked he’s got a voice, he’s got a right to say [his views].

Super punk rock!