Guns N’ Roses Duff McKagan Takes a Swipe At Donald Trump!

Duff McKagan Takes a Swipe At President Trump

Duff McKagan talked to Yahoo! Entertainment recently about his new album Tenderness, due out on May 31, 2019. Duff talked about the old days saying:

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“everything was unprotected — drugs, needles, intimacy, all of that stuff,” McKagan acknowledges. But the 55-year-old rock legend tells Yahoo Entertainment that even back then, he and his bandmates had a sense of right and wrong.

“I’m sure stuff was going on, Harvey Weinstein stuff and all that, but we hated that! If we saw that stuff going on around us, we didn’t allow it to happen around us. We were still good dudes,” he says. “None of our friends said, ‘Grab her by the p****.’ You know what I mean? Who would say something like that? And I don’t mean to be political against the dude who said that; it’s just an idiotic, stupid thing to say, for any man. And that’s the way I’ve always thought. So ’80s, or now — I could’ve written ‘Last September’ in the ’80s.”

Now when Duff says ‘Grab her by the p****” McKagan is of course referring to the now infamous Access Hollywood tape from 2005 or so when Donald Trump was taped making that statement to Billy Bush during an interview. It caused a lot of outrage, but President Trump at the time brushed it off as “locker room talk”. Duff has tried to stay out of the political debate with his recent album, but this is probably one of the biggest political swipes or statements he’s made recently. It’s also important to note that he has two daughters and has been an outspoken advocate for the #MeToo movement, especially considering one of the songs off his new record titled “Last September” is inspired by the movement. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. cris

    Yep, Who would say something like “grab her by the p****”?
    Or for example something like “Turn around b*** I got a use for you”

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