Duff McKagan Gives a Track By Track Breakdown On His New Album “Tenderness”

Duff McKagan Talks About the Inspiration Behind Each Track From Tenderness

Louder Sound did an interview with Duff McKagan where he broke down each track off his new album Tenderness, which is out now. You can read it here.

Duff McKagan’s Other Daugher Mae McKagan Launches a Fashion Line

Vogue Magazine did a piece on Duff McKagan’s new album “Tenderness” and his daughter’s new fashion line. You can read the full interview here. The only thing worth reading to be honest is the question about new Guns N’ Roses music. Duff said the following:

About that G n’ R work ethic: I ask Duff about the various rumors, whispers, and speciously sourced studio sightings suggesting that he and his bandmates may be recording new material.

“I love it! I love that!” he says, neither confirming nor denying. “Um. . . You asked me a question?”

I ask it again.

“I’ll just tell you this,” Duff says. “Things are going very positively for our band, and we really expletive love each other. And that’s the coolest thing.” (The band’s infamous singer, meanwhile, is getting more woke by the day.)

In the meantime, though, after touring Tenderness across the country and to Europe, the G n’ R Not In This Lifetime tour—already the band’s lengthiest, at more than three years running—cranks up again this fall.

“We might have to call it something else after a while,” Duff says, cypher-like. “But there might be a reason to call it something else.”