Guns N’ Roses Fought With Record Label Over Appetite Reissue?

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Guns N’ Roses Fought With Record Label Over Appetite Reissue

According to a poster on the MyGNRForum, they ran into the person who designed the Locked and Loaded box set. The person who designed the box set gave some background about what allegedly happened behind the scenes. I’m shocked that the band was in a dispute with their record label. That doesn’t seem characteristic of the band (insert sarcasm). He said the following:

I was round at a friend’s house the other day and she said hey look at this, and showed me a mint condition box set – the first one I’ve ever seen, so I was going nuts saying “whose is it?”

She said it’s her housemate’s, so I went to speak to him all excited, saying “hey wow you own a box set” and he just goes “yeah I designed it”, all matter of factly. He works for Universal.

I only had a few minutes to ask him about it, but here’s what he told me: during the design process, there was a lot of discussion and dispute between the band and the record company about what should go into it. The band were less keen on having all the gimmicks go in, the merchandise etc, but were insistent on including as much music as possible including the rare demos. The dispute about what should go in went on for so long that eventually the record company just put their foot down and said well we’ve run out of time so this is what’s going in.

What struck me was that he wasn’t a fan as such, just some designer dude who got the job. I asked him about the non inclusion of OIAM but he’d never even heard of the song, so knew nothing about that aspect.