How Social Distortion Broke Through Into the Mainstream With Their Self-Titled Album

Social Distortion Became One of the Most Influential Punk Bands Of All Time!

On my second YouTube channel “Rock N’ Roll True Stories” I took a look at how Social Distortion became a mainstream band after years of gruelling tours and several album efforts. We take a closer look at their 1990 self titled album that catapulted them into the mainstream. Check it out below!

Slash Clarifies Remarks on a New Guns N’ Roses Album

Slash recently talked to Rock Cellar in Europe ahead of his tour with the Conspirators. He chatted about his tour with the Conspirators and a new Guns N’ Roses album. Check out the exchange below!

Rock Cellar: You recently made news. You said in an interview a month or so ago, there’s probably enough songs for a new Guns N’ Roses album, is that true?

Slash: No, you know, by the time it gets to the place where anybody’s read it, it’s morphed into something more than what I directly said. There is material that Axl’s been working on for a while. It could be enough for a record if we put it all together.

The whole thing of Guns N’ Roses getting in the studio and getting this record done — with myself and with Duff (McKagan) and all that — it’s really just getting started. So it’s really hard to say.

Everybody’s got demos, and everybody’s got material, and this that and the other, for whatever it could be. It’s just a matter of us focusing on it.

So it’s really hard to answer questions on the next Guns thing.

Rock Cellar: You’re playing Lollapalooza this year, with the Conspirators and Myles Kennedy. That you can probably talk about with a little bit more confidence.

Slash: Well, I know what that is. (Laughter.) The record’s out, and we’ve been touring on it. We just finished a really epic little run from Asia through New Zealand, Australia and then Europe. We’re going back out in May and doing South America, then we’re doing festivals in Europe. Then we’re coming back to the States, and we’re doing U.S. and Canada, and we’re doing Lollapalooza as one of those dates in there. Then we get done in mid-August. That will basically be the wrap for the Living the Dream tour.

But it’s been really, really well-received thus far. It’s definitely been the best tour that we’ve done to date. And it just shows that we managed to get from one place to the next place to the next place, and it’s just cool to have that forward motion