Guns N’ Roses Are Asking Obscene Amounts of Money For Their Las Vegas Shows!

Guns N’ Roses Ticket Prices For Two Las Vegas Shows This Fall Are Ridiculous

Guns N’ Roses are playing two nights at Caesar’s Palace and are asking obscene amounts of money. The upper deck seats aren’t bad, but the rest are pretty shameful. The band is playing a venue that seats around 4,000 people. Check out the ticket prices by section that are currently available on the useless Nightrain Membership site. I’ve included a seating chart for you to check out. Keep in mind the seating chart doesn’t match exactly the sections shown on the Nightrain site.


Pit Patience Package = $ 1,319.91 plus fees

Live and Let Die Package Section 205 = $ 631.41 plus fees

Section 104 Platinum pricing varies from $ 1,480.00 to $ 1,730.00 plus fees

Section 103 Premium Paradise City VIP Lounge Package = $ 1,786.41 plus fees

Upper deck = $ 169.00 plus fees


  1. Rachel Jessee

    That’s unbelievable. I would want to be close as I can be, being my first time to a concert, but would pay those prices. Who is the one that sets prices for tickets?

    1. Rachel Jessee

      I meant to say I wouldn’t pay those prices

  2. Cole

    What’s ‘obscene’ about it? The venue holds a fraction of the people as the venues they usually play, and demand is high. Of _course_ ticket prices are going to be significantly higher than the other venues.

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