Rumor: Eddie Van Halen Dealing With Health Issues, Which Is Preventing Van Halen From Touring

Van Halen

Eddie Trunk Discusses Eddie Van Halen Rumors

Annoying Blow hard Eddie Trunk talked about the recent status of Van Halen reunion Trunk Nation show on Sirius XM radio.

During that podcast, Eddie Trunk discussed rumors that Eddie Van Halen is facing a terrible disease right now.  He said that ‘you know those rumors, God forbid Eddie [Van Halen] really is sick again.’ If you guys remember he was dealing with cancer previously, but made a full recovery. Trunk said the following on his show.

“These people are human, we gotta remember that, sometimes we forget and we just look at them as being these rock superstars that we just want to do things. They are human beings, they have lives, they have life, they have family, they have ailments, just like anybody else.

So you don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes and you know those rumors, God forbid Eddie [Van Halen] really is sick again and we hope is not but it might be the only thing that could logically explain if they spoke and communicated why they have been so inactive, quiet and silent.”

On Van Halen reunion, he said:

“At this point I think I think the ship has probably sailed for Sammy [Hagar] and Van Halen. I mean, if they were gonna do that, they probably would of done it all and I don’t know what’s going on with Eddie Van Halen. I’ve heard some rumors which I’ve I heard and hope are not true.

I really hope Eddie is okay and I hope we get something from him in any configuration, in any way, at some point soon. However, I don’t think it’s going to happen this year and I don’t think it’s going to be with Sammy. Although, one thing is pretty obvious and if you heard the track I played earlier today from Sammy’s new record, the guy can still sing. Sammy can still sing amazingly well.”



  1. K.K. Talbot

    All those years of cigarettes starting in his early teens and throughout his adult life is a time bomb ticking. Hope he sticks around to become someone’s awesome grandfather. All the best, Eddie.

  2. Clinton Downey

    Creatively,he’s dead for a long while now

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