Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash May Play on Ex-Model’s Album

Sam Fox Wants Slash To Play On Her New Record

According to the Daily Star

Sam Fox, The 53-year-old ex-glamour model is a frustrated rock chick.

So she has hatched a plan to get in the studio with axe legend man Slash and record favourite heavy guitar anthems by Motörhead and Iron Maiden.

Sam, who was a friend of late Motörhead frontman Lemmy, revealed: “I want to record a rock covers album with songs by Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and I want to record it with Slash. I want to do it because I’ve always been, in a way, a frustrated rock star.

“I covered (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by The Stones.

“That was a very pop version but when I sing it live I make it a rock version.”

Sam topped the charts in 17 countries with her debut single Touch Me (I Want Your Body) way back in 1986.

Axl Rose’s Brother Stuart’s Demo Tape Up For Sale

There is a post who is selling Axl Rose’s brother Stuart’s demo tape for his band. Check out the listing here.

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The description of the item is as follows:

This is the MEGA RARE PROMO Jeff Powell DEMO CASSETTE TAPE from 1992, made independently, made in USA. Management: Sean Campbell (Santa Monica CA) 3 UNRELEASED tracks:
1. Plastic Love Doll
2. Thunder and Lightning
3. Roll With the Punches
Songs from the late Jeff Powell (Dr. Whisky with S.C. ‘Stuart’ Bailey- Axl Rose’s half brother, Swamp with manager Sean Campbell of Deputy Zero).
*I got this with a BUNCH of promo & demo tapes, originally from a Sony producer!

Guns N’ Roses Release Trailer to Promote New Tour Dates

Guns N’ Roses have released a new trailer to promote new tour dates announced for the United States and Mexico this fall. Check it out below!

Duff McKagan Speaks With Music Radar

Duff McKagan recently spoke with Music Radar about his new record Tenderness and his new Fender bass model. He revealed he plays with anger when he’s on stage. Check out the exchange below with the interviewer.

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Your new bass is a beauty. Tell us how it came about.

“When I started playing with Walking Papers in 2012, they had recorded part of their first record in Seattle with [singer] Jeff Angell, who is a Seattle treasure and deserves international attention. I came in and played, and there were a lot of songs in drop-D tuning. I brought my Fender Special, which is my first signature model – an amazing recording bass – and I was dropping the E string down to D. One thing led to another and we went out to do a tour. At the time I was taking lessons with [legendary session bassist] Reggie Hamilton.”

What elements of bass playing did you work on with Reggie?

“I wanted to know more about the neck. My playing was fine: I felt comfortable, and whenever I play live I play in anger and I dive in, but I wanted to dive deeper into playing with my fingers on my right hand a bit more, and seeing what that’s all about, so I listened to Booker T & The MGs and Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn and James Jamerson and Larry Graham. I’m a huge Prince fan, too, and I wanted to know how to play like that.

“Anyway, at the end of Velvet Revolver’s last tour in the UK, Reggie sent me out a modded Geddy Lee Jazz bass. It had a Hipshot Xtender, so I grabbed that bass for the Walking Papers tour, so I could just Hipshot between those drop-D songs and songs with standard tuning without switching basses.”