The Tragic Death of Blind Melon’s Shannon Hoon!

Shannon Hoon

The Tragic Death of Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories (make sure to subscribe!) we take a look at the tragic death of Blind Melon’s singer Shannon Hoon!

Alice Cooper Talks to Appetite for Distortion Podcast About “The Garden”

Alice Cooper is just one of many guest appearances on the Use Your Illusion records. He provided vocals on The Use Your Illusion 1 track “The Garden.” Today Brando released the latest episode of his “Appetite for Distortion” Podcast where he interviewed legendary rocker Alice Cooper. You can listen to the interview here. Brando asked Cooper about the story behind “The Garden” and he said the following:

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“We took Guns N’ Roses on their first tour you know we were in Los Angeles. 1984 I think it was. they were a bar band. This was before Appetite for Destruction before any of that. And I mean they were a wild crowd. Believe me. But we’d hear them on stage and I’d say these guys are really good. It raises the quality of everybody’s playing you know when you hear somebody play that good. It brings you up. Axl and I were good friends and Slash and I were good friends and everything. It was about 3 in the morning and Axl called and said hey I got this song. You know Axl worked all night. He says It’s perfect for you. I said ok I’ll be right there but it’s not going to take six years to put this out. I said I’ll come down and it’ll probably take a couple of hours I did it in two takes and I almost forgot about it. But later on we invited them to come in and do Under My Wheels with us. So there’s a version of Under My Wheels with Axl and I singing and Slash and Kane Roberts playing guitar. It’s an awesome version.”

On whether he would tour with Guns N’ Roses and do a spontaneous live version of “The Garden” he said he’s open to it and there’s no ego there. Alice is out promoting the new Hollywood Vampires record “Rise.”