28 Years Ago Today The Infamous Guns N’ Roses St. Louis Riot Happened! Was Axl Rose To Blame?

28 Years Ago Today Guns N’ Roses Infamous St. Louis Riot Happened!

Guns N’ Roses were only the second act to play the new Riverport Amphitheatre in St. Louis, Missouri. By the end of the night the venue would be torn to shreds by angry fans and Guns N’ Roses would be trying to make it across the state border to avoid arrest. Today we take a look at this legendary gig. Check it out below! I also take a look at the untold story of the riot!

Whatever Happened to The Fan Axl Rose Punched At the Guns N’ Roses St. Louis Riot 28 Years Ago?

“Stump” Was the Fan Who Sued Axl Rose and the Band

With it being the 28th anniversary of the infamous Guns N’ Roses St. Louis Riot. During that Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose spotted a fan named “Stump” who was taking photos in the front row and after repeated calls for security to confiscate the camera, Axl took things into his own hand and jumped into the audience. Today we take a look at what happened to that fan.

Pollstar Publishes The Top Eraning Rock and Metal Acts of 2019!

Pollstar recently published two Top 100 lists, one for the top grossing worldwide tours and one tabulating the top grossing North American tours thus far. Loudwire complied the biggest rock and metal touring acts rom the list

Metallica have played just 26 shows so far in 2019, but because these were huge gigs that landed them at the No. 4 spot for worldwide tour earnings, which included all touring artists, not just rock and metal. They’ve collected a whopping $69.7 million. KISS ($58.1 million) and Trans-Siberian Orchestra ($57.3 million) No other rock acts cracked the top 10 touring acts.

Pollstar 2019 Midyear Worldwide Tours:

04. Metallica ($69.7 million)
07. KISS ($58.1 million)
08. Trans-Siberian Orchestra ($57.3 million)
30. Twenty One Pilots ($23.1 million)
43. Panic! At the Disco ($15.1 million)
48. Roger Waters ($11.9 million)
51. Disturbed ($11 million)
61. Muse ($9.3 million)
62. Aerosmith ($9.2 million)
65. Weezer/Pixies ($9 million)
75. Shinedown ($8.1 million)
100. Def Leppard ($5.6 million)

Pollstar 2019 Midyear North American Tours:

05. KISS ($58.1 million)
06.Trans-Siberian Orchestra ($57.3 million)
12. Metallica ($41.7 mllion)
31. Panic! At the Disco ($12.9 million)
35. Disturbed ($10.6 million)
39. Muse ($9.3 million)
40. Aerosmith ($9.2 million)
42. Weezer/Pixies ($9 million)
44. Roger Waters ($8.6 million)
48. Shinedown ($8.1 million)
72. Twenty One Pilots ($5 million)
74. Nine Inch Nails ($4.8 million)
80. Greta Van Fleet ($4.5 million)
81. Five Finger Death Punch/Breaking Benjamin ($4.4 million)
96. Bring Me the Horizon ($3.6 million)