Concert Booker Talks About Landing Axl Rose & Guns N’ Roses

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Concert Booker Talks About Landing Axl Rose & Guns N’ Roses

Brooklyn Bowl talent booker Lucas Sacks was recently interviewed by Billboard and talked about landing some of the big talent whose played the venue. One of those bands was Guns N’ Roses back in 2013. He said the following:

“I love being able to talk [to bands] about the creative aspects of what they’re doing, how a new record is different from the last one and how they get their live sounds,” Sacks explains. “We have to do our best to set them up for success at the venue.”

After joining the Bowl as an assistant talent buyer, Sacks says his first big get was the Guns N’ Roses show in June 2013, which also marked a major turning point for the venue itself. The band was headlining Governors Ball that summer and their contract allowed them to play one other gig while in town.

Having performed club shows at venues like Hiro Ballroom back in the day, the band thought announcing a last-minute show at the Bowl would be “a cool way to give back to the fans,” Sacks says. And amid tough competition from the myriad venues in New York, he also thinks the Bowl’s varied offerings — it’s also a bar, restaurant and 16-lane bowling alley — appeal to musicians who are looking for something unique. “When we got the call,” he adds, “we were like, ‘Oh man, we have to make this work.’”

To pull off a stadium Guns N’ Roses set in the Bowl, Sacks had to wrangle approval from the Governors Ball founders, host multiple production walkthroughs and build out the stage to accommodate all the band’s gear. “There were all these red flags,” Sacks remembers. “I thought we weren’t going to be able to do that size show.” But tickets sold out instantly and the morning of the show date, Sacks arrived at work to find hordes of concert-goers camped outside the venue, many of whom had driven hours from neighboring states.

Sacks thinks the show set a new bar for the Bowl, helping it to land later dates with Jane’s AddictionRobert Plant and other music legends.