Guns N’ Roses: The True Story Behind Their Legendary 1988 Ritz Performance!

Guns N’ Roses 1988 Legendary Ritz, New York Performance

Back in 1988 Guns N’ Roses performed for the second time at the Ritz in New York that would be broadcast on MTV. Today we take a look at that legendary gig.

Slash Poses With Shania Twain in France!

Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash wore a UK Subs shirt giving a nod to the band that the band covered on their 1993 album “The Spaghetti Incident” and posed with country star Shania Twain. Check it out below!

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Slash with Shania Twain at Montreux Jazz Festival 2019 – PH: Mirko Manfredi

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Megadeth Were the First Major Band to Setup a Website in 1994!

Back when Megadeth was promoting their new album, 1994’s Youthanasia, they setup a website to promote the record and it would be a first in the history of the internet. Today we take a look at that historic moment and what features their website entailed. Check it out below!

Rolling Stone Launches Their Own Music Charts to Compete With Billboard

Billboard has and will always be the leading primary source for music charts and sales especially the Top 200 Albums and Hot 100 charts. iTunes and YouTube have created their own version of a ranking system for music as well, and now Rolling Stone Magazine has introduced their own — the RS Charts.

According to Loudwire:

The RS Charts are updated on a daily basis and rely on an analytics company called Alpha Data. There are five categories — Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs, Rolling Stone Top 200 Albums, Rolling Stone Artists 500, Rolling Stone Trending 25 and Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25.

Rolling Stone Top 100 and Rolling Stone Top 200 are similar to that of Billboard’s Hot 100 and Top 200, while the Rolling Stone Trending 25 hones in on which songs gain the most audio streams within a week’s span. Rolling Stone Artists 500 focuses on the most popular artists, and Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25 highlights rising artists.

“We offer deeper, more granular insights into music than what’s ever been available to the public — and focus on the metrics most reflective of current listening habits as well,” the magazine says in a new article that introduces the platform. “Stay tuned for exciting further announcements and updates to the project as well — including new charts. We’re thrilled to have you join Rolling Stone as we welcome this new chapter in our dynamic history.