7 Years Ago Today Charlie Sheen Honors Slash & Attacks Axl Rose At the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Slash Honoured With Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, But Charlie Sheen Attacks Axl Rose

7 years ago today Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Friend Charlie Sheen spoke at the event and took the time to attack Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose who was on the outs with Slash at the time. Check it out below!

Guns N’ Roses & Metallica Made a Ridiculous Amount of Money

Metallica and Guns N’ Roses made Forbes 2019 World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities list.

Both bands failed to make the list in 2018, but they are back this year.  Guns N’ Roses came in at No. 71 with $44 million in earnings and Metallica at No. 30 with $68.5 million. They share the list with celebrities from all other areas, including athletes, actors and even Kylie Jenner, yes Kylie Jenner.

Metallica were recently deemed one of the top earning touring artists for the November 2018 to May 2019 period by Pollstar, along with KISS and Disturbed. GN’R didn’t make the list, most likely because they only played a handful of shows at the end of 2018. Their “Not in This Lifetime” tour is currently thought to be the second highest-grossing tour of all time, reeling in around $563 million. With more shows scheduled this fall for Guns N’ Roses and Metallica right now out on tour expect them to rake in more money this year.

Axl Rose Lands In Person’s Front Yard During Hot Air Balloon Emergency

Back in 1991, Guns N’ Roses were starting off their Use Your Illusion tour. They started the tour in the United States and one of the places they played was Salt Lake City. During some offtime, frontman Axl Rose took a hot air balloon ride that ended with an emergency landing. We take a look at that story today!

Steven Adler Announces New Show on July 13th!

Former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler and his band Adler’s Appetite will be playing at  the Hells canyon Motorcycle Rally on July 13th. Check out his post on instagram below! Steven looks great!

YouTube Changes Copyright Claims

YouTube has changed the copyright claim features of their site by now requiring “Copyright holders” to timestamp their content being used, which is a huge change. Before anyone could file a copyright claim against any video without specifying what was being infringed on. If you’ve noticed in the last year, there has been tons of Guns N’ Roses videos pulled off YouTube. Check out the photo below showing the new policies. Will this make a change this fall when Guns N’ Roses hit the road again? We’ll have to wait and see

Duff McKagan Asked About Guns N’ Roses Reaction To Donald Trump

Duff McKagan gave an interview to Spin Magazine where he was out promoting Tenderness and was asked about where he was when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016. See the exchange below.

Were you on the road with Guns on Election Day?

We were in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

How was that? Do you remember how you guys processed that as a band?

My mother instilled in me that it is impolite to talk about money, politics, and religion. So as opposed to commenting on the election and the current administration, I will just tell you this: I’ve lived long enough and I’ve read history that predates me by a couple of thousand years, that things are cyclical. We tend to pay too much attention to what’s going on now. To really sink in as far as I did in those four months I’m telling you about, it’s not healthy. It’s not good for you and it’s not really real.

It’s all the lobbyists. In punk rock bands, that’s who we were railing against—the man. We knew it then. It wasn’t our mayor, it wasn’t our [other elected officials], it was the lobbyists behind the whole thing.

I learned a lot from older punkers then. I didn’t understand what The Clash was talking about at first. I didn’t understand what Stiff Little Fingers—what’s a suspect device? Until my mom came in the room when I was listening to that and she looked at the album cover. We’re of Irish descent, my grandfather came from Ireland. She started crying, she said, “These poor boys, this is Bloody Sunday. The suspect device, it’s a bomb, and these poor boys had to wade through all of this stuff.”  I’m like, “What?” She told me about “The Troubles” and things and all and I’m like, “OK. I had no idea.” Suddenly, I have redoubled my effort on Stiff Little Fingers and reading names and reading fanzines and you get more politically aware.