Guns N’ Roses Members Best Solo Albums!

Guns N' Roses 1985

Loudersound Features The Band Members Best Solo Albums

The members of Guns N’ Roses will always live in the shadow of their huge band they are a part of or once a part of, but they’ve released some good solo albums too. Louder Sound did a featurette on the best records from their solo works. You can check it out here.

Howard Stern Failed To Address The Elephant In the Room

Yesterday Howard Stern returned from his vacation and of course the big news story that happened in his world last few weeks was the 2013 leaked tape where he instructed staff members to create fake twitter accounts to book guests and more! Some dubbed the tape “Getting Things Done Seminar”

Of course Howard didn’t address the elephant in the room and instead complained about how much he hates his job and how difficult it is to work three days a week. Some fans on the Howard Stern subreddit said it was unlikely a fan would get through to ask Howard or the Wrap Up Show about the controversy given that the show is on a delay, but that didn’t stop fans from tweeting to at the show or leaving messages on facebook that of course went unanswered.

Billy Corgan Reacts to Howard Stern’s Leaked Tape

Politically correct radiohost Howard Stern’s “Getting Things Done” seminar was leaked last week. It was from 2013 where Stern talked about the new approach of the show to land more A-List and B-List celebrities. You can read more about the story here.

Well one of the celebrities Stern slammed was Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan who has done the show several times Howard took credit for his career and claimed he was “off the radar” before he came on the Stern Show. Below are highlights from Billy Corgan Instagram story Q&A’s where a fan asked him about the tape.

Howard Stern takes credit for your high charting in a new leaked video..thoughts? Annoyed me!

“I love Howard and appreciate him more than words can convey. I was in no way offended by what he said. He has been incredible supportive of my work as an artist, and there is no better interviewer in the world.”

Alice in Chains and Layne Staley’s Warning to Fans on 1992’s Dirt Album

Alice in Chains 1992 album was controversial when it came out because some in the media thought it glorified drugs, when in fact it told the story of the life of an addict from beginning to end. Singer Layne Staley used the album as a dire warning to fans to not get involved with drugs, but the message would fall on deaf years according to Staley himself during an interview with Rolling Stone in 1996. Today we explore the themes of the album. Check it out below!