Guns N’ Roses Former Guitarist Izzy Stradlin Shares Some Old Photos Of Himself!

Izzy Stradlin Shares His Favourite Skateboarding Photos With Sk8Supply Instagram

Izzy Stradlin was recently photographed at Sk8Supply in San Diego and the Instagram account for the shop discussed Izzy’s love of skateboarding. Click the instagram post below and you can see the additional photos which reveal Izzy skateboarding as a kid and some of his skateboarding heroes.

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Pennsylvania Newspaper Looks Back At Guns N’ Roses 1991 Gig In Hersheypark Stadium

A Pennsylvania newspaper looked back at Guns N’ Roses gig at Hersheypark Stadium in 1991. It turned out it was part of a summer concert series that generated a lot of complaints from the public and forced the cancellation and rescheduling of the subsequent shows. Sadly there’s no photos from the article of the gig. The article states the following:

Do you remember the Guns ‘N Roses concert at Hersheypark Stadium in 1991?

You know, the one that prompted hundreds of Derry Twp. residents to complain about the noise and bad language.

Police said at the time that 17 people were arrested for DUI, disorderly conduct and assault. Workers said the mess left behind was the worst they had ever seen.

The June 11 concert – attended by 27,000 people – was part of the Hershey Entertainment and Resort Co. summer concert series.

By the end of June, the series was canceled.

In mid-July four of the last 10 concerts were rescheduled.

That included the Beach Boys who performed July 28.

Duff McKagan Discusses Seeing Axl Rose Live For the First Time

Duff McKagan told SPIN, “I just learned a lot about truth in music. I never got into music for the money or the chicks. You don’t start playing in punk rock bands to get chicks or money because there was none of that. It was about the music and the pure furor of that and seeing bands that I liked.

The first time I saw Axl, Slash took me—I met Slash first in L.A, and he took me to see LA Guns, very early LA Guns—and Axl was the singer. I see this dude come out, and it’s like rawness. I see a real anger and a real ferocity. I’m like, ‘This guy might jump off the stage and kick my but.’ He broke a glass on stage. Something set him off and it was real. You saw people back away. I’m like, ‘I love this guy.’ [laughs]