Guns N’ Roses May Release New Music This Year/Early Next Year, Axl Rose Already Laid on Vocals (RUMOR)

It Appears We Could See New Guns N’ Roses Music This Year

If you guys have been following the whole leak saga this weekend then you’d know 15 CD’s worth of material, mostly consisting of material from Axl Rose’s solo record “Chinese Democracy” was snatched up by a few “fans”. A few songs leaked online and then everything went dark because the band’s management stepped in. Why would the band’s management be so eager to stop the release of material that’s up to 20 years old?

Why would they care so much about isolated drum tracks? Well my sources tell me (take it with a grain of salt) it’s because Guns N’ Roses are much closer to releasing music than they have been letting on and it could include some of the material that Axl Rose had been previously working on. Axl has recently been working on laying down vocal tracks. The band is planning on touring this fall which could see them performing new music in over a decade, but the band is also releasing a new pinball machine later this year or early next year according to Slash. We had previously reported that Slash visited Axl Rose’s home a little while back to work on new material. Couple this with the fact that we exclusively reported that Richard Fortus dropped the news of what the new Guns N’ Roses album could sound like, things are looking up.

Couple this with the fact that the band will be likely touring Europe next year and South America it seems like a perfect time to release new music.

28 Years Ago Today Guns N’ Roses Singer Axl Rose Almost Incited a Riot Over a Traffic Ticket

During a Guns N’ Roses show at the Forum in Inglewood, Los Angeles, frontman Axl Rose threatened to not take the stage unless a police officer ripped up a ticket his limo driver was given for making an illegal left turn when trying to access the venue. – Axl Rose threatened to cancel that night’s Guns N’ Roses show if a police officer didn’t tear up a ticket he was issuing to the limousine driver for an illegal left turn. The police tore up the ticket. According to Ultimate Classic Rock

On July 30, 1991, Inglewood City, Calif., police pulled over a limousine whose driver had made an illegal left-hand turn on the way to the Forum, where the limo’s passenger, Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose, was to perform that night.

Rose stuck his head out of the vehicle’s sunroof to angrily argue that the driver, James Brian Green, was following the instructions of a traffic control officer, who had motioned the car to make the turn.

Rose later threatened that he would not take the stage unless Inglewood police rescinded the ticket. According to the Los Angeles Times, Police Lt. Tom Hoffman huddled with Guns N’ Roses’ manager and the Forum’s general manager, and Hoffman agreed to take back the ticket, to avoid a potential riot by angry fans (as had happened in St. Louisearlier that month). Guns N’ Roses performed that night, and Rose even thanked Hoffman from the stage.

Days later, after the band was safely out of town, Inglewood City proceeded in its prosecution of the ticket, after Inglewood residents protested Hoffman’s “fixing” it. Officials responded that the ticket had not been “fixed,” but taken back for investigation.

“Nobody is above the law,” said Inglewood Mayor Edward Vincent, whom the Times identified as “a jazz fan who couldn’t name a single Guns N’ Roses hit.”

Green had to pay a $60 fine for his offense.