Layne Staley And Alice In Chains Biopic Suffered The Same Fate As Guns N’ Roses Movie!

Layne Staley Biopic Suffered The Same Fate As Guns N’ Roses Movie

Back in 2008 it was announced that a Layne Staley biopic was going to be made based off the book Argentinian Journalist Adriana Rubio wrote about Staley titled “Angry Chair.” Today we take a look at what happened to that movie and how it would eventually suffer the same fate as the Guns N’ Roses biopic that was rumored several years ago. The Guns N’ Roses biopic was reportedly based off Marc Canter’s 2008 book “Reckless Road.” Of course the members of each band were not involved with the project and in the end music licensing became an issue. Check it out below!

Staley’s family disputed Rubio’s work, stating they do not believe she talked to him in 2002] One of Staley’s sisters, Liz Coats, has been quoted as saying:

“I personally have never read Adriana’s book. I did meet with her and speak with her at length. I also talked with Layne when I was contacted by her, and let him know of her intentions to write a book about him. He let me know that he wanted no part of it. He said that he did not trust journalists, and that they had never been honest in his experience. He also said for me to tell her, and I quote, “Tell her if she wants to write a book about someone, she should write it about herself.” Anyone who knew Layne would know that would be something he would say. When I heard that Adriana claimed to have spoken to Layne, I knew the book would be full of lies, and I chose not to read it. The fact that she came out with that after his death made me sick. I regret that I ever spoke with her. In all of his wisdom, he was right again, and I unfortunately had to learn the hard way. She was not to be trusted.

You might wonder why I ever spoke with her in the first place. Imagine watching your big brother, this incredible man, trapped in his addiction, a personal hell on earth, for years and years. When I was first contacted by Adriana, I was so grateful that this woman from another country was so impressed by him, and wanted to tell his story, and honor him this way. I wanted Layne to know, or hear again, how much he was admired and loved, as he was such an extraordinary person. I even had the hope that a book written honoring him, might be one of the things that might change his course. You grasp at straws after you’ve watched someone you love go through such strife for so long.

I’m glad so many people realize what a joke this book was. I hate the thought of people believing her lies, but I know the truth, and that’s why I will never read the book. No point.”