The Time Axl Rose Apologized to Slash Onstage During Guns N’ Roses “Not in This Lifetime Tour”

The Time Axl Rose Jokingly Apologized to Slash During a “Not in This Lifetime Tour” Show

Back in 2016 Guns N’ Roses performed a show in Dallas, Texas and Axl Rose jokingly apologized to Slash before the band broke into “Paradise City.” Check it out below!

About a Decade Ago Jane’s Addiction Was Joined By Guns N’ Roses Bassist Duff McKagan

Almost a decade ago Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses was briefly a member of Jane’s Addiction. Apparently thing didn’t work out, but we take a look at how this all happened and what came of the collaboration. Check it out in today’s video!

Guns N’ Roses Shares New Photo of Axl Rose on Tour!

Guns N’ Roses shared on their social media pages a new black and white photo of frontman Axl Rose. Check it out below!

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Guns N’ Roses Member Agrees With Slash Over Axl Rose Acting Like a Dictator

Original Guns N’ Roses guitarist Tracii Guns recently told Eddie Trunk on SiriusXM what led to his departure from the band. He revealed Axl Rose’s attitude and being “angry” and how Axl Rose acting as a dictator to the band is what led to him quitting the group. He also reveals how Duff McKagan accepted Axl’s behavior due to the large crowds at shows. He said the following in his exchange with Trunk

Guns: What had happened when I did leave, finally [was] Axl [Rose]  was hanging out with somebody that I went to high school with actually or junior high school and had disappeared for like, a week. The next time I had seen Axl was at soundcheck at my second to last show and Axl had just started dictating to everybody and he was angry. It was like:

“Who is this guy? I don’t know this guy!”

Guns: We had been living together for almost a year and it sucked because that show was absolutely packed to the gills. It was at this place called The Timbers Club in Glendora and the band was on fire, you know? Yet me and Izzy [Stradlin] were just looking at each other from across the stage like:

“This is weird…”   

Guns: All of a sudden we weren’t connected to Axl. You know like he had taken over his space and was really talking a lot and we weren’t playing a lot.

Slash Is Apparently an Escape Room Fan

Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash posted a recent photo on his official Instagram account and discussed the experience he had in a scary Escape The Room Game.

Slash said that he managed to escape the finest traps of NETHERWORLD Haunted House in Atlanta.

He said the following

“Just did an awesome escape room, with 18 secs to spare & a great behind the scenes peek at @NetherworldHauntedHouse with my buddy, Billy Messina in Atlanta.

You guys are in for a scary treat this Halloween season! #NetherworldHauntedHouse iiii]; )’”

Steel Panther Releases New Video From Their Upcoming Album “Heavy Metal Rules”

Steel Panther released their second song from their upcoming album “Heavy Metal Rules”. Their new song You’re Always Going to Be A Expletive. They pay homeage to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Check it out below!

28 Years Ago Axl Rose Walks off Stage During “Welcome to the Jungle”

Guns N’ Roses would play two shows in Finland in 1991. The second show went reasonably well. The first show, Axl Rose randomly walked off the stage during “Welcome to the Jungle.” This happened mere weeks before Izzy Stradlin played his last show with the band at the end of August in 1991. Guns N’ Roses were on the “Get in the Ring” tour and an hour in to the show, as the band launch into Welcome To The Jungle, Axl leaves the stage. The rest of the band plays an instrumental version of the song and continue the set with 14 Years, a drum solo and a guitar solo. After 25 minutes, Axl returned. The first show in Finland was Guns N’ Roses first show in Europe as art of the “Use Your Illusion Tour” and it was an unusual show since the band opened with Mr. Brownstone, which is normally the second song in the set. During the show Axl also thanked the crowd for giving them the band “Hanoi Rocks”