Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Gives a Shoutout to Disney World

Slash Gives Shoutout to Disney World

We had previously and exclusively reported that Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash was spotted at Disney World following the conclusion of his 11 month long “Living the Dream Tour.”

Slash Releases “Shadow Life” Live Performance From Upcoming Live DVD Release

Slash has released a new video from his upcoming Live DVD Titled “Living the Dream”, which was filmed in London at the famed Hammersmith during the group’s 2019 tour. It features two hours of live music including tracks from all four of Slash’s solo albums with live versions of “Call of the Wild” “Driving Rain,” “By the Sword,” “Back From Cali,” “Starlight,” “World on Fire” and an incredible rendition of “Anastasia,” which you watch below.

Living the Dream Tour will be released in a variety of packages including a DVD + 2 CD set, Blu-ray+2 CD, 3 LP Black Vinyl, a limited edition 3 LP Red Vinyl, digital video and audio on Sept. 20. A very limited amount of signed copies will also be available, while supplies last at this location. The DVD and Blu-ray features a bonus ‘Live in London’ mini-documentary, including interviews with Slash and Myles Kennedy, with behind-the-scenes footage of the tour. Fans can pre-order the set here.

Duff McKagan Discusses Axl Rose in New GQ Interview

Duff McKagan has told U.K.’s GQ magazine that it’s “much more fun” playing the huge stadiums with GUNS N’ ROSES now than it was performing at the small, punk rock venues when the band first started out.

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“The thing about those early, crazy GUNS gigs is that I do remember them all,” the bassist said. “They all happened before I was too far gone with booze, so I have all those memories. And Axl [Rose] and Slash and I will talk about those gigs even now. Axl has the most amazing memory for detail. It’s fun to talk about them, but I am so glad I don’t have to live through them again.

Asked if Axl and Slash have changed with age, Duff said: “Well, Slash was always pretty mellow… The thing about both those guys, but especially with Axl, is that there are no half measures. Axl never just phones it in. When it comes to his intensity level, he’s at 110 percent. And the GUNS community is so incredible that you can’t not deliver every time you play. We’ve traveled the world, and when you see women in a full hijab rocking out and flashing the devil horns, it’s just full-on. And they are just as excited about the band as the guy in Arkansas with the mullet who is headbanging and going crazy. GUNS unites a whole cross-section of humanity and it is just amazing to be a part of. So to answer your question, the intensity is definitely still there, we just don’t burn down cities when we are offstage like we used to.”

GUNS N’ ROSES recently announced  another leg of their never ending “Not In This Lifetime” which starts on September 25 in Charlotte, North Carolina and will include two back-to-back nights on Friday, November 1 and Saturday, November 2, in Las Vegas at the legendary Colosseum at Caesars Palace