Are Guns N’ Roses Price Gouging Fans With Upcoming Fall Tour?

Some Tickets Are Automatically Going to Re-Sale Sites Like Stubhub Report Some Fans!

According to some posters on the MyGNRForums, some fans who are going to the two Mexico shows this fall have reported that some tickets for the show were redirected to resale sites like Stubhub and charging fans outrageous prices. According to one poster named Amir

” I paid 3335 (~170USD) pesos for a pit ticket. That’s the most I’ve ever paid for a GNR show, hell, maybe any gig!

For anyone else trying to get tickets to Guadalajara it’s Can’t believe tickets are sold through StubHub, I thought that was just a reseller site…”

with another poster named soon saying

Its sad. Apparently its becoming a common practice for bands and promoters to put huge blocks of tickets straight to stubhub to make a greater profit. This on Metallica, recently:

According to Billboard‘s report, Roux and Millette conspired to resell up to 4,400 tickets per show for 20 Metallica concerts on the WorldWired North American tour. For each show, Millette would be given access to 2,640 premium tickets and 1,780 so-called “troubled” seats, those difficult to sell because they are far from the stage or only have a partial view.

Revenue from the deal would be split among the various parties, with 40 percent going to Metallica, 40 percent to Live Nation, 12 percent to DiCioccio and 8 percent to Millette. A separate source claimed Live Nation’s share was lower. Though Millette worked to sell to sell more than 88,000 tickets over a six month period, Billbord claims that he ultimately lost money on the deal. Metallica’s tour ended up grossing $111 million in 2017.