Slash Appears To Be Working on New Guns N’ Roses Music!

Axl Rose and Slash

Slash Appears to Be Working on New Guns N’ Roses Music

[UPDATE]: The poster Kruse Kontrol removed their post but i screenshoted it knowing this would happen.

We had first exclusively reported a few months ago that Slash had visited Axl Rose’s house to record new material for an upcoming Guns N’ Roses record. This story happened because the company that works on guitar amps named Kruise Kontrol posted a photo about the amp on social media. You can read the original story here

Well….it looks like it happened again! The same company posted yet another photo of Slash’s amp below and read the caption. Notice it’s the same amp as in the original story and it’s probably at Kruse Kontrol because it needs to be serviced for an upcoming recording session.

story continued below…

Guns N’ Roses Weekly News Recap

Today we are playing catchup on the news on my YouTube channel and we catch up on the recent Izzy Stradlin news of a new photo of the guitarist appearing online. Check it out below!

Nirvana’s Forgotten Album

Today we take a look at the 1992 release Incesticide. The compilation was barely promoted by the record label and the band itself. It would feature old demos, alternate recordings and takes and spanned several producers and drummers. Check it out below!

Ash Hudson, Slash’s brother Loves 420

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s brother Ash Hudson loves 420,. On a new Instagram post he has said it’s difficult to get his fix in Japan in a new Instagram post. If you guys remember a while back Ash blasted his brother’s girlfriend on social media. 

A fan wrote to Ash, “Japan is a crazy Xan paradise.”

Ash responded, “Trying to get good weed in Japan is so depressing I’ve given up. Haven’t smoked in Japan in like 5 years now.”

Check out the post here

4 Years Ago Today Slash Gave Fans The FIrst Real Hope for a Guns N’ Roses Reunion

If you guys remember, 4 years ago today Slash gave an interview to a Swedish journalist where he revealed that him and Axl Rose of his former band at the time Guns N’ Roses were now friends. This starts at the 0:50 minute mark. This started a chain reaction of news stories where speculation grew about a possible reunion between the estranged members. Check out the interview below!

With Load and Reload, Metallica Did Things Their Way and Created Their Own Mainstream

With the highly controversial Metallica releases Load and Reload Metallica effectively used whatever capital they gained from the huge success of 1991’s Black Album to create their own mainstream. Today we take a look at those two albums. in detail. Check it out below!

Guns N’ Roses To Move Up South American Tour Dates Next Year!

Rumors are circulating on the Guns N’ Roses forums and South American newspaper that Guns N’ Roses will be playing South America next year. We had previously reported that Guns N’ Roses could play South America this fall, but it seems like there maybe a change of plans. According to the huge Facebook Group “Guns N’ Roses News” (this is translated from Portugese)::


Guns N ‘ Roses at lollapalooza – band should open festival in Chile and close in Argentina

According to news, lollapalooza chile that completes 10 years in the next edition will start its celebration with guns n ‘ Roses opening the first night that happens on March 27 Therefore, the Argentine edition that takes place on the same weekend of the Chilean would have the band closing the festival on March 29

Until The Festival confirms the dates, this information is treated as rumor

The Facebook Group also posted an update today saying

As we played first hand, the band was in negotiations to play in Brazil this year, but a festival changed the plans of the band that returns to the country in 2020 to play at lollapalooza!
In addition to playing in Brazil, guns n ‘ Roses should perform in Chilean and Argentine editions. Besides having show closed in Colombia.

The news that the band will play at the festival was given by the newspaper

So to summarize

March 27th, 2020 – Argentina

March 29th , 2020 – Chile

April 5-7th, 2020 – Lollapalooza Brazil

Once we hear anything more I will keep you guys updated.

Fired From Guns N’ Roses Following Gilby Clarke’s Dismissal

According to the fan site Appetite for Discussion 

they have published an article they came across from 1994 that discussed rumors of bassist Duff McKagan being sacked from the band. The article is from Kerrang from July of 1994. Check out the article below!


GN’R guitarist Slash fires back at the latest Guns-linked rumours!

■ GUNS N’ ROSES have sensationally sacked bassist Duff McKagan – according to rumours on both sides of the Atlantic.

McKagan is said to be the second casualty following a major rift in the LA superstar outfit, and is thought to have followed the departure of GN’R axeman Gilby Clarke. It is a spectacular story that has stunned the Rock world.

However, Kerrang! exclusively spoke to band guitarist and mainstay Slash this week, for the real story behind what is becoming a truly shocking catalogue of Guns N’ Roses rumours.

Not surprisingly, the reports of Duff’s departure turn out to be a complete fabrication. And, says Slash – clearly feeling the overbearing strain of public interference into band affairs – it is among a host of rumours that are starting to seriously aggravate the band.

Slash confirmed in Kerrang! 500 that Gilby Clarke was no longer in the band, but strongly denies that Duff has been sacked. He also denies reports that Dave Tregunna, former bassist with Sham 69, Lords Of The New Church and Kill City Dragons, has replaced the blond four-stringer.

Slash told Mayhem this week: “I’ve heard the Duff story myself over here in Los Angeles and I’m frankly really upset about it. It’s a nasty thing for anyone to spread around. That’s one of the worst rumours I’ve heard about us in a long time!

“Duff is an important member of this band – and nothing has happened to change that. As for this guy Dave Tregunna, who is he?! I’ve never heard of him before.”

Guns N’ Roses have been largely inactive since they finished their marathon 17-month ‘Use Your Illusion’ tour last year, despite releasing their long-awaited covers album, ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’, which was recorded during breaks in the tour.

No new original Guns N’ Roses songs have been recorded since the ‘…Illusion’ albums in 1991.
However, Slash reveals that work on the next GN’R album is definitely in progress.

“We’ve been busy on new material for some while,” he clarifies. “There’s actually nothing down on tape as yet, but the band is working together on a regular basis.”

Despite the fact that there has still been no official comment regarding Gilby Clarke’s situation within the band, it would seem at this point that the guitarist is definitely not involved with Guns N’ Roses.

However – and rather surprisingly following Slash’s comments in Kerrang! 500 – Gilby has recently been quoted in the press as saying he is still in the band. With the volatile nature of GN’R and frontman Axl Rose, a reconciliation between the singer and Gilby cannot fully be ruled out.

In the meantime, Slash is also working hard on material for his planned solo album, ‘SVO Snakepit’, set to be released within the next few months by Geffen Records.

“I have all the songs written now and I’m pushing on with recording the basic tracks, using Matt (Sorum – drums), Gilby and Mike (Inez – Alice In Chains’ bassist).

But I still haven’t decided on the person to sing with me. I’ve narrowed down the choice to five guys. They’re all experienced and have had albums released. But I don’t want to name any of them at this stage. It would be unfair to raise anyone’s hopes, only to dash them.”

Slash continues: “As far as my record’s concerned, I’m delighted with the way everything is going. It’s gonna sound heavy and ballsy, just wait and see!”

The tousled-haired guitarist also took time out to comment on his appearance at the Gibson Guitars ‘Night Of 100 Guitars’ concert held at Wembley Arena:

“It was real fun,” he says. “I had a great time, although I suffered from severe jet lag because my schedule only allowed me to fly from LA to London the day before the gig – and I had to fly back again the following morning. Still, it was worth it, just to be able to play with someone like Paul Rodgers’.”

In addition to Slash’s solo LP, Gilby’s ‘Pawn Shop Guitars’ album – released through Virgin on July 25 – and possibly a new GN’R record, Guns N’ Roses fans should also keep an eye out for an official biography on the band, due to be published by DEL Books next year. It has been written by long-time band associate Del James. And in September, BBC TV will screen a documentary on GN’R’s official photographer, Robert John.  




•  Gilby Clarke tells Kerrang! in issue 494 that “there is no next GN’R album”.

• Rumours circulate that Gilby has been fired from the band.

• Tabloid newspapers, including the Daily Mirror, the NME and Melody Maker, publish stories that GN’R are on the brink of splitting up, substantiating reports with quotes from Kerrang!494.

• The Guns N’ Roses camp flatly refuses to comment on the situation.

• Slash confirms Gilby’s sacking in Kerrang! 500. He also reveals plans for his debut solo album.

• Slash arrives in London for a guest appearance at the Gibson Guitars centenary concert.

• Spurious reports spread that Duff McKagan has been sacked by GN’R.

• Gilby Clarke releases his first solo LP, ‘Pawn Shop Guitars’, on July 25. He states in the press that he is still a member of Guns N’ Roses.