Mayor of Seattle Declares August 22 Layne Staley Day

Layne Staley Would Have Been 52 Years Old Today

According to Loudwire


The Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has officially declared Aug. 22 “Layne Staley Day.”

Staley was the best voice to emerge from the Seattle scene, and would go on to have a successful career as the frontman of Alice in Chains and the supergroup Mad Season. Though he had a difficult relationship with drugs that would eventually take his life, his legacy inspired tons of rock singers.

“We support our residents who struggle with substance use disorder, and commend Layne Staley Memorial Fund for providing hope, education, support and treatment funds for heroin recovery in the Seattle community,” the document reads. “The city of Seattle celebrates Layne’s artistry and the promotion of the arts in Seattle as we work toward a more vibrant, healthy and safe city.”