Duff McKagan on Why He Felt Guilty With Guns N’ Roses Success

Duff McKagan

Guns N’ Roses Duff Mckagan Speaks About Feeling Guilty About Guns N’ Roses Success

Duff McKagan was recently interviewed by Henry Rollins (BLACK FLAG, ROLLINS BAND). The full conversation can be seen below. A few excerpts follow (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

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On what he’s learned about “humanity” from being in one of the world’s biggest rock bands:

Duff: “When our band became that big band, I think I had punk rock guilt. I had this year or two of adjustment to that — ‘What’s my place in this thing?’ I got sober in ’94, and that’s when I really started to become aware of a lot of things and had self-awareness, and through martial arts, I really started taking responsibility for my past actions. It really allowed me to open up my ears to other people. Touring since ’94, I’ve done a lot of it. I’ve done big tours; I’ve done van tours; I’ve done every kind of tour in between. All the while, I’m reading history… [if you] read three sides of the same story, you might find the truth somewhere in between, or a truth. I go and visit these places that I read history about, and you start talking to people, and then I started talking to fans that come to the shows. You get the full stories of their life… they will tell you a lot of things about themselves, probably more than they might tell their therapist or their best friend… You’re talking this all in, and you’re talking to people. If I’m in any bubble at all, we’re playing these massive shows, and nobody asks who you vote for. Nobody cares… We’ve played Kuala Lumpur or Abu Dhabi, where women with full head coverings are doing the same thing [raises fist] that the guy in Little Rock, Arkansas is doing, just rocking out. If there’s any bubble, it’s one of unity under rock n’ roll.”