New Unreleased Full Version of Guns N’ Roses Song Leaks Online “Absurd/Silkworms”

“Silkworms” Studio Version Has Leaked Online

It appears that we’ve had yet another leak online of an unreleased Guns N’ Roses song titled “Silkworms.” The song has been performed live before most notably at the Rock in Rio 3 show in 2001. The song was apparently co-written by Chris Pittman. This news story comes courtesy of an Axl Rose Facebook Group and some other sources have indicated this to me. See it below

Guns N’ Roses Shows in Vegas To Feature a Newly Renovated Venue!

Forbes Magazine recently published an article talking bout the work that the Caesars Palace Colosseum is undergoing ahead of the band’s two november shows. The full article can be read here and states the following:

After 15 years as being viewed as one of the elite venues in the world for its size, under 5,000 capacity, the Colosseum at Caesars Palace underwent a dramatic renovation this summer.

Closed for two months, while the floor was reconfigured to have the flexibility to be general admission for Guns ‘N’ Roses, seated for Madonna or somewhere in between for another show, and rows of VIP seating were added in, in addition to new video screens and more bars, the new venue opened last night with Keith Urban kicking off a busy fall that will see dates from GNR, Madonna, Enrique Iglesias and more .

In the new configurations, full GA offers 380 capacity and overall the venue will hold 4,450. So it is a very intimate experience to see acts like GNR, Madonna, Van Morrison, Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey and more.

That is a great deal of the appeal of the venue, the intimacy, as president of entertainment with Caesars Entertainment Jason Gastwirth explained during a tour he gave me of the new facilities last week.

A Complete List of the Guns N’ Roses Leaks From the Past Week

This past week or so has been exciting if you’re a Guns N’ Roses fan or just a fan of “Chinese Democracy.” Numerous leaks have come out including a lot of recordings from 1999. Below is  full breakdown of all the leaks that have happened for those keeping score at home. You can always follow the drama over at the MyGNRForums as well.

Leak on August 24, 2019

– Hard School, Full (4:05]

Leak on August 26, 2019

-audio of TIL 09 Rehearsal

Leak on August 27, 2019

-Atlas, Prostiute, CITR, TWAT, and HS snippets

Leaks on August 28, 2019 (aka The Numbers Leaks, in order of time leaked)

– 1999 version of Prostiute (version 3)

– Better quality 1999 version of Catcher In The Rye

– Alt version of 1999 I.R.S.

– 1999 version of Chinese Democracy with Josh on drums

– 1999 version of Prostiute (version 2)

– Better quality 1999 version of There Was A Time

– 1999 version of Street Of Dreams (The Blues version) with Josh on drums

– Better quality version of Hard School (aka Jackie Chan and Checkmate)

– 1999 version of Going Down

– 1999 version of Riad N’ The Bedouins with Josh on drums

– 1999 version of Chinese Democrary. [Leaked as Chinese Stew]

Leak on August 29th, 2019

-a short five second screen record phone playing a snippet of 1999 Silkworms

Leak on September 3rd, 2019

– short 14 second clip of Atlas Shrugged