Radio Host Eddie Trunk Reveals How Guns N’ Roses Member Previously Misled Him

Eddie Trunk Reveals How Slash Misled Him About the Guns N’ Roses Reunion

Yesterday, Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash called into Eddie Trunk “Trunk Nation” show on Sirius XM to talk about his new upcoming live DVD with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, Guns N’ Roses upcoming tour and more! During the discussion Slash was asked about the rumor that Guns N’ Roses are contributing new music to the upcoming Terminator movie. Slash quashed any rumors, but following Slash’s appearance,

Trunk, after the interview, about the news that a new GNR tune won’t be in Terminator:

“I’ll give a little asteriks on that. About a week before it was announced that Slash was back in Guns N’ Roses, true story, he called me. Not texted. He called me privately. ‘I don’t know anything about this Guns N’ Roses stuff that’s going on.'” (Trunk laughs) “So take that into the equation … he threw up some serious smoke and mirrors on me at the time … then a week later, the Not in this Lifetime tour was announced … He’s done that misdirection stuff to me once or twice before.”

So don’t rule it out yet that Guns N’ Roses may contribute a song to the upcoming Terminator movie.

Slash Speaks to Eddie Trunk About What’s Next for Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash talked to Eddie Trunk about the band’s future plans yesterday. Listen to the clip below! This is amid the heavy rumors of Guns N’ Roses writing music for the new Terminator movie. 

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Slash Talks About “The Humanity” Of a Real Live Album

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently called into Eddie Trunk Sirius XM show “Trunk Nation.” During the interview the guitarist talked about his love of live albums. Here it below!

Eddie Trunk Questions Slash About New Guns N’ Roses Music

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash called into Eddie Trunk’s Sirius XM Show “Trunk Nation” on Channel 106 Volume. Slash is promoting his upcoming live album with the Conspirators titled “Living the Dream” that comes out on September 20th. Slash talked new Guns N’ Roses music. The exchange went as follows:

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Trunk: Now Duff has been out with his own record and he’s was in Europe and touring and supporting that. Where are you at with Guns N’ Roses new music? Are you all working individually has everyone gotten together? Do you want to do a song or an album? Where are you at with that?

Slash; I have nothing to tell you information wise other than no it’s not that Like you know Everybody’s been sort of like when we’re in town working on it. And when we’re out of town obviously not. So it’s been that kind of thingsl

Trunk: All right i know you can’t say a lot about this so I’m not going to press you about this.. Finally what would you like to do a new full new Guns N’ Roses album or were in this world now where some people feel oh you do an EP or you throw a new song out there. I know you, you’re old school you’re like me you like to make albums but ultimately would that be your preference or when it comes to finally putting out new music from Guns,  which will be highly anticipated what would you like to see it be?

Slash: I think at the end of the day everyone would like to have a full album released. I don’t really think it’s changed all that much but you know.Tthere’s a diferent way of puting stuff out initially now a days. There’s always been the single, but now you sort of look at that preliminary release a little differently now. All things considered it’s like the wild west out there, it’s like there’s no formula for any of it. There’s no formula for it. I haven’t seen anything routine kind of thing that works. You could do any one of a million things to releasing a record. But i think at the end of the day. I think ultimately we’ll release a full album.