Guns N’ Roses Ticket Prices For This Week’s Surprise Gig Have Been Revealed!

Guns N’ Roses Ticket Prices to Cost $175 US + Taxes and Fees

it appears we finally know the ticket prices of this weekend’s Guns N’ Roses gig. The price will be $175 USD + taxes and fees putting it well over $200. If you look at the group’s facebook page there’s tons of messages about people flipping tickets. So much for a band being all about the fans. Just another corporate move by the group. Count me out.

How Did So Many Guns N’ Roses Songs Fall Into the Wrong Hands and How Did They Leak?

If you guys have been paying attention to the mountain of leaks that have been circulating online the past month or so you maybe wondering how did all this happen? Well the story is a very long one and it involves a lot of drama behind the scenes. One member of the MyGNRForums did a great job summarizing how these songs leaked. The Seeker provided a response to a thread started by another fan asking about the story of the leaks. Keep in mind for those who don’t know Tom Zutaut was the A&R rep who signed Guns N’ Roses in 1986 to Geffen Records. He worked with the band in the early days and returned in 2001 to work with Axl on finishing up “Chinese Democracy.” Axl Rose eventually fired him from the project following a misunderstanding. the poster TheSeeker said the following

story continued below…

“A storage locker had Tom Zutaut’s 15-CD set of Chinese Democracy demos from circa-2001 when he was fired by Axl – it sat abandoned for years

Some guy bought the locker at auction who wasn’t a fan. After the auction had ended, a GNR fan spotted the Zutaut discs in an online listing for the auction, and contacted the buyer. The buyer agreed to sell the CD’s for a set price.

Then a bunch of GNR fans pooled their money together to drive and get the discs and make copies for themselves. But then, as idiots tend to do, the donors got mad at each other and started leaking tracks out of spite.

And now, realizing they might face legal action, they’re all trying to throw each other under the bus even though they were all dumb enough to declare “hey, I have the stolen thing!”

Wouldn’t expect anything less from this fanbase.”

There was one fan in particular who will go unnamed who bragged on the online forums about a month or so ago before the leaks fell into the buyers hands that they were about to get these leaked albums. They started sharing songs with people and management apparently got involved and tried to put a stop to the leaks. I’ve heard from certain people that Axl is aware of the leaks and lost his lid, but who knows whether that is true. It’s been reported time and time again that Team Brazil keeps Axl in the dark about a lot of things. Now there’s a whole lot of other drama going on with people that’s just so negative and stupid it’s not worth getting into.