What To Expect From Guns N’ Roses Tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina Sept 25/19

Guns N’ Roses To Kick Off North American Tour Tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina

Last weekend Guns N’ Roses played their warm up show and their first show of 2019. Tonight they are kicking off their first show of the tour in Charlotte, North Carolina. At the time of writing this there still are some tickets (Cheap one’s $39) up for sale. So what did the first gig teach us? Well a few things.

  1. Expect Some Deeper Cuts To Be Played – Deeper cuts like “Dead Horse”, “Locomotive” and “So Fine” showed up on the alternate setlist on Saturday but we’re never played. I wouldn’t expect Locomotive to be played based on it’s length, but i could be wrong.
  2. Expect Them to Start on Time – Guns N’ Roses were two hours late getting on stage because fans were still filing in. Expect them to show up on time tonight.
  3. Expect a longer show – Given that Guns N’ Roses love to play long shows, expect a 3+ hour show tonight!

Another Leak Surfaces Online

It appears we have another leak online. It is an instrumental track called “The Rebel” which has a southern flavor to it, almost like what Slash was doing in Snakepit in 1995. Check out the reaction to the song here.

Fan Photos Versus Guns N’ Roses Social Media Photos Show Huge Photoshopping

Fans have been pointing out that Guns N’ Roses social media channels have been photoshopping pictures of frontman Axl Rose to remove his chins and belly. Take a look at the meme one fan posted from Saturday’s show below and compare it to the Guns N’ Roses Instagram post. Notice how they’ve photoshopped the picture?

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Guns N’ Roses to Play First Show in Almost a Year At the Hollywood Palladium

Tonight marks Guns N’ Roses first show of 2019. Their last show was last December in Hawaii and there are several things fans should be on the lookout for tonight. Let’s see what we can expect.

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  1. Axl Rose’s Voice Won’t Be In Top Shape – If recent history is any indication then you’d know the first show of every Guns N’ Roses tour is awful when it comes to Axl’s voice. Just look at Rock in Rio 2017 and Berlin 2018. It’s obvious Axl doesn’t take as good care of his voice or his body as other singers out there and countless YouTube videos prove he sounds like Mickey Mouse on a lot of the group’s songs that are in the higher range. Lower range songs like Mr. Brownstone and It’s So Easy he sounds pretty good on even on his off nights. If only he would sing more songs in his lower register.
  2. Don’t Expect Any New Music – Rumors have been rampant this year of Guns N’ Roses writing and recording new music. While Slash claimed in the band’s most recent interview that they are writing new music, I doubt they’ll premiere anything. Bassist Duff McKagan just got off tour so I doubt they’ve been able to be in the room for a long time with all the members to write new mateiral.
  3. Expect a Shorter Setlist – if history is any indication the first show to kick off each Guns N’ Roses tour normally see’s a shorter setlist. As the tour wears on the group will probably add more songs.
  4. Guns N’ Roses May Play Some Deeper Cuts – Remember just before Guns N’ Roses reunited Slash and the Conspirators started playing “Double Talkin Jive” and “You Could Be Mine” as part of their live shows from the “Use Your Illusion” records. It was funny that “Double Talkin Jive” finally made it’s way back into Guns N’ Roses setlist after 23 years once the “Not in This Lifetime Tour” kicked off. If you guys have been following Duff McKagan’s recent tour to promote his solo record “Tenderness” then you’d know he was playing some deeper cuts from Guns N’ Roses catalog including “Dead Horse”, “You Ain’t the First” and “Dust N’ Bones.” Here’s hoping they bust out some deeper cuts and finally change the setlist.
  5. Don’t Expect Concert Footage on YouTube – If you guys have been following the whole copyright saga for the past year and a half then you’d know large swaths of live footage has been slowly removed from the platform. Expect the same tomorrow morning when you try to watch footage from the show. The band’s management obviously is doing nothing to curb this or is complicit with what is going on with YouTube.