Guns N’ Roses Huge Influence Queen Go On Profanity Laden Tirade Against Critics


Queen’s Roger Taylor Delivers Profanity Laden Tirade Against Critics

Queen‘s drummer Roger Taylor delivered some blunt words to U.K. reviewers who gave the band’s biopic Bohemian Rhapsody bad reviews before it hit the theaters, telling them in no uncertain terms, “F**** You.”

The skin basher noted his strong language extends “all the way to the bank” after the subsequent success of the movie, despite advance media coverage in the group’s home country giving its share of snide criticism.

Bohemian Rhapsody took home four Oscars and two Golden Globes, and pulled in almost $900 million in total worldwide grosses (per Box Office Mojo). But the musician hasn’t forgotten forgotten about some of the poor reviews.

“There was kind of a mood of … an expectation of disaster,” Taylor told London’s Planet Rock . “We’re a funny old country, aren’t we? The trouble with us is, we’re too f****** popular, and a lot of the media just hate that.”

He continued, “There were some decent reviews … but there were many that were kinda sneering and superficial. I thought, ‘You just don’t get it, do you? You weren’t moved, and whatever, but f**** you actually. F***** You all the way to the bank, actually.’ … But bad reviews usually mean that it’s going to be really successful. I think people know a lot more than film critics, and the word of mouth via social media is so much more powerful than [a] review from a guy who probably watches 40 movies a week, and has probably lost the essence of the joy of a movie.”

Current Queen singer Adam Lambert told Planet Rock.

“Queen is a big family at this point,” Lambert offered, “and I think that the success of the film exceeded every expectation. As each wave of success has happened, [guitarist] Brian [May] and Roger have been so excited and so proud, and that’s been great to watch.”

Lambert’s been performing as Queen’s long-term vocalist since 2011, taking over from Bad Company’s Paul Rodgers.