Duff McKagan Wraps Up Guns N’ Roses Tour With Interesting Video

Axl Rose, Slash and DUFF of GUNS N' ROSES

Duff McKagan Wraps Up Guns N’ Roses Tour With Interesting Video

Duff “Punk Rock” McKagan did a recap of the past several months of his career on his calendar in a video he published on social media. Check it out below!

New Video Showcases the Decline of Rock Band’s Over the Years Including Guns N’ Roses

Classic Rock magazine published a video on Facebook showing the decline of rock music over the years including declining sales of Guns N’ Roses over the 90’s and the rise of horrible pop music. Check it out below!

Riki Rachtman Criticizes Rapper Kanye West and Praises Guns N’ Roses

Kanye West’s latest album hit number one on the billboard charts and many people made a big deal of the physical copies he sold. Well former Guns N’ Roses friend and MTV Headbanger Ball host Riki Rachtman chimed in on Twitter. Here’s what he said

Rare Photo of Axl Rose From the Set of “Don’t Cry” Emerges Online

I haven’t seen this photo before. It’s a picture of Axl Rose from the set of Guns N’ Roses music video for “Don’t Cry.” Check it out below!

Guns n’ Roses Axl Rose on the set of “Don’t Cry”

Guns N’ Roses End Their Current Leg of the “Not in This Lifetime Tour”

Guns N’ Roses played their final show of the “Not in This Life Time” Tour at Caesar’s Palace the previous night and now the band is off until March of next year. The band has been on the road since late September. I doubt we’ll see much going on in the Guns N’ Roses camp until they start up with their upcoming tour in March across South America. My sources tell me that there will be a European run next summer, which makes sense. Check out a full recap of last night’s show here.

Moderator on MYGNRForum Sheds Light on the Copyright Takedowns

A moderator on the MyGNRForum, Downzy locked a thread discussing Guns N’ Roses management’s response to the YouTube takedowns. Prior to locking the thread he offered some more background on the controversy saying the following

Okay, we’re going to put pause on this conversation for awhile.  This thread has become pretty ugly and I think some time off is needed for everyone (including myself).

A couple of things…

People can believe what they want in the absence of any clear communication or statement by the band or management (Beta’s comments notwithstanding).  We have made numerous overtures to band management that this issue requires clarification on their part and they have chose to remain quiet publicly (again, save for Beta’s comment that I would surmise was not fully informed at the time she made it).

They have mentioned a few things “off the record” and I feel obligated to respect that fact despite the total lack of respect shown of late to this forum, its staff, or the online community by management.

I can say unequivocally that the LLC used to take down videos last year (spring of 2018) was connected by GNR or GNR management and was co-opted by an individual who I won’t name here (but really, we all know who I’m talking about).  When this was brought management’s attention, the LLC was immediately shut down.

Obviously this did not solve the problem as the rate of takedowns grew exponentially using various trade organizations like the RIAA and IFPI.   And to provide a little context, when this was brought to management’s attention, one of the first questions we got back was “What is the IFPI?”

There are working theories on how all of this transpired.  Personally I do not subscribe to the notion that the individual in question was given direction by management to take down the videos.  But others, including those on our staff, hold different views.