Guns N’ Roses Member Makes Surprising Comment About the Last Three Decades Of the Band!

Dizzy Reed Talks About His Time in Guns N’ Roses

Keyboardist Dizzy Reed, who is the longest-serving member of GUNS N’ ROSES after singer Axl Rose, talked about his thirty year run in the band  during a recent interview with the “Thunder Underground” podcast.

He said (hear audio below): “How the heck has it been 30 years? [Laughs] Where did the time go?

“I’ve been so lucky and fortunate that I was ever asked to do this gig in the first place and that I’m still doing it,” he continued. “As long as they’ll have me, I’m gonna do it. And it’s been a great run. There’s been some long breaks, but those were being put to good use — writing and whatnot.”

Dizzy added: “It’s just been a blast. And these last three years have been fantastic. The turnouts have been amazing. And just to be a part of that, it’s pretty special. And I’m so fortunate, again. I thank my lucky stars every day, man — I really do.”

Reed is joined GUNS N’ ROSES as a touring member in 1990, during the “Use Your Illusion” era, and has played with most of the original members as well as in all the later editions of the group and the current “reunion” lineup.

Reed is currently working on his follow up to his solo album “Rock N’ Roll Ain’t Easy” which came out in February 2018. He is apparently working on a covers album.

Guns N’ Roses In Talks to Play Peru Next Year

According to the Guns N’ Roses News Facebook page, the band is in talks to play Peru next year next March/April. The page (translated states the following)

After some rumors indicating the possibility of the band performing a show in Lima, news found that guns n ‘ roses really have an offer to play in the Peruvian Capital. The negotiation is a solo show, which makes the hit a little difficult, since the band signed a contract to play exclusively at festivals, however, the negotiation continues in progress and the show could take place the next weekend of lolla Brazil and stereo Picnic.