Guns N’ Roses Announce Their First Tour Date of 2020!

Guns N’ Roses To Play United States As First Tour Date of 2020 at Super Bowl Festival

Guns N’ Roses this morning announced that they will be headlining the Super Bowl Music Festival in Miami Florida in late January. They will be hitting South America in March and April and my sources claim there will be a Europe tour in the summer to follow. Check out the announcement here.

I just wish this stupid tour would just end and the band would create some new music, but it’s apparent that useless Team Brazil and Beta are all about making money now and milking every last drop out of the fans. It’s bad enough how they dealt with the YouTube fiasco.

New Book Titled “Victory or Death” On The Band’s “Appetite for Destruction” Album Released!

A new book titled “Victory or Death: Guns N’ Roses and The Sound of Appetite for Destruction” about Guns N’ Roses full length debut studio album has been released on Amazon. Check out the listing here and the description below!

When Guns N’ Roses released Appetite For Destruction in 1987, no one could have predicted the impact it would have on rock music. And yet, despite its enormous commercial success, with 30 million copies shifted, Appetite For Destruction still stands as one of the darkest, most decadent albums ever released. Fuelled by a detailed chronological narration splitted into several time jumps, Victory or Death mainly focuses on the technical and musical aspects related to Appetite For Destruction, but also aims to investigate the background of what can be considered, in a way, the greatest debut album of all time, whose inviolability can be compared to that of other masterpieces such as Dark Side Of The Moon or Led Zeppelin IV. The volume includes a brief guide to the 20 ideal post-Appetite records, carefully selected by the author himself.