Rock Singer Reveals Secret Guns N’ Roses Supergroup

Josh Todd of Buckcherry Discusses The Secret Supergroup Him and Slash and Duff McKagan Were Working On

Buckcherry singer Josh Todd discussed the band he was temporarily in with former Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum in 2002

“Everybody was talking about it in L.A. after we did it,” Todd told the Appetite for Distortion podcast. “There was this buzz going on. Keith and I got back to the rehearsal room a few days later … I was like, ‘Man, that felt so good.’ It felt like Buckcherry, but with really great players. He goes, ‘Yeah, I totally feel the same way.’ It was so nice to be in a band, because we had been band-less for probably a month at that point, or maybe longer.”

He recalled that Slash “was thinking the same thing, so we called him … ’Hey, man. Do you guys want to maybe write some songs and put together a band?’ He was into it, so we became a band for, like, a month. We were in the rehearsal room writing songs, and we even got the point where we were taking management meetings to find a manager to manage it, and we were trying to come up with band names and all of it.”

Things changed quickly, though, Todd said. “All of a sudden, Slash came in and said he didn’t want to do it,” he noted. “He pulled the plug without even letting anybody know. … That really kind of set me off. I didn’t like that — I didn’t like wasting my time and spinning my wheels and somebody kind of leading me on. I don’t even care who it is, whether it was Joe Blow or Slash. It really irritated me, but it was what is.”

Todd would reflect that “it was a win-win. It’s like everything was meant to be, but at the time, it was frustrating.” Asked why Slash had decided to end the project, Todd said he didn’t know. “I think he had a different singer in mind, honestly,” he explained. “What can you do with that? It is what it is, but it all worked out, so that’s all that matters.”

Obviously one thing that came out later is that Velvet Revolver was sued for the song “Dirty Little Thing” because they had lifted the riff from another band and it was apparently the members of Buckcherry’s fault Slash remembered recently.