Behind The Scenes Footage of Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Rehearsing at a Show Surfaces!


Brief Clip of Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash Surfaces Online

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash rehearsing at a Guns N’ Roses show during a recent stop on their fall tour surfaced online. Check it out below!

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28 Years Ago Donald Trump See’s Guns N’ Roses At Madison Square Garden

28 years ago a civilian Donald Trump attended Guns N’ Roses show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. He took some time to pose for a photo graph with the band’s manager then Doug Goldstein. Check it out below!

Doug Goldstein remembered his classic Trump story during an appearance on the Talking Metal podcast. “We’re playing five shows (he means three shows) at Madison Square Garden in 1992 (means 1991) . I hear, ‘Is Doug Goldstein around?’ I look, and it’s Donald Trump,” recalled Goldstein. “I said, ‘Yeah, this is Doug Goldstein.’ He said, ‘Can you make a pass for me?’ I said, ‘Yeah sure.’ So, being quizzical, I said, ‘Why are you here?’ He said, ‘I want to meet the Donald Trump of rock and roll.’ I said, ‘I give up.’ He said, ‘You know Doug, when you’re an underdog, everybody puts you to the top. Press, your fans, and once you get to the top, they jerk your ass back to the ground. That’s what Axl Rose is.’ So I introduced Axl to him after the show.”


Filmmaker Asks “What Made Guns N’ Roses Special?”

Daniel Sarkission a Canadian filmmaker released a snippet of some interviews with former friend and photographer of the band Marc Canter and former guitarist Gilby Clarke. Check out the interviews below! We also interviewed Marc Canter a while back on our channel.

Motley Crue Fans Blast the Band Over “Ridiculous” Meet and Greet Packages!

Motley Crue fans have accused promoters of trying to take advantage of fans with their ridiculous VIP Meet & Greet packages for the band’s summer 2020 stadium tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett. They also discussed past meet and greets and hteir experiences.

Stacebabe posted on Reddit, “Wild side is $4.5k!!! No way in hell!!” Jedifire wrote, “I didn’t pay, I was the plus one for a friend of mine who bought Nikki’s stage played bass. I don’t know what the price was, and my understanding was there were only two per show in the tour, but we got to spend about 10-15 minutes alone talking with Nikki (and photographer and assistant).

This was done I believe after the whole band meet and greet but I will say that it was nice to have an I rushed conversation with Nikki. That might be a better option for some of he is offering something similar in this tour. Sorry about rambling, I’ve had a few beers.”

Androidcoma gave his two cents “It’s not worth the $1500+, just from experience seeing other bands do it, it’s super quick, super impersonal, and the price this time around is flat out absurd vs if it was a few hundred bucks.It’s definitely priced for the older crowd or anyone that’s well off that can afford it, ’cause it’s straight up luxury to pay that much just to get a quick photo and some things signed.”