Guns N’ Roses Member On Whether He Regreted Joining the Band

Dizzy Reed on Whether Guns N’ Roses Limited Him Musically

Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed appeared on Mitch Lafon’s podcast and revealed whether he thinks joining the band limited him musically over the years. The exchange went as follows:

How has that been musically over the years? Do you think it has limited your playing, or should have you been out there joining other bands and creating new music or are you, like, ‘No, I’m perfectly fine here’?

“I’m cool with it because I do get opportunities to do other things, and just being around those guys… they work really, really hard, and that work ethic has definitely rubbed off on me.

Just watching them over the years, working studio and you know, and rehearsal and everything, it definitely put me in a good spot, and I’m really happy with the way things are.”

Dizzy Reed Praises Richard Fortus

Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed appeared on Mitch Lafon’s podcast to discuss the band, his side project H&B and other things. He was asked about guitarist Richard Fortus and said the following:

Richard Fortus, I don’t think people give him enough credit…

“He’s probably the most versatile guitar player, most versatile musician that I know. He can do it all, and he does it all.

“He works really hard too, man, and it works. Everything sort of gels together. We got Frank [Ferrer] on drums who’s amazing, and Melissa [Reese, keyboards] who’s also incredible. It’s a blast, man. “

Motley Crue Fans Blast the Band Over “Ridiculous” Meet and Greet Packages!

Motley Crue fans have accused promoters of trying to take advantage of fans with their ridiculous VIP Meet & Greet packages for the band’s summer 2020 stadium tour with Def Leppard, Poison, and Joan Jett. They also discussed past meet and greets and hteir experiences.

Stacebabe posted on Reddit, “Wild side is $4.5k!!! No way in hell!!” Jedifire wrote, “I didn’t pay, I was the plus one for a friend of mine who bought Nikki’s stage played bass. I don’t know what the price was, and my understanding was there were only two per show in the tour, but we got to spend about 10-15 minutes alone talking with Nikki (and photographer and assistant).

This was done I believe after the whole band meet and greet but I will say that it was nice to have an I rushed conversation with Nikki. That might be a better option for some of he is offering something similar in this tour. Sorry about rambling, I’ve had a few beers.”

Androidcoma gave his two cents “It’s not worth the $1500+, just from experience seeing other bands do it, it’s super quick, super impersonal, and the price this time around is flat out absurd vs if it was a few hundred bucks.It’s definitely priced for the older crowd or anyone that’s well off that can afford it, ’cause it’s straight up luxury to pay that much just to get a quick photo and some things signed.”