Former Guns N’ Roses Member Blames Useless Management & Label Over His Exit

Tommy Stinson Reveals to a Fan His Experience in The Band

In a recent post a fan posted on the MyGNRForum, he revealed going to a Q&A session with bassist Tommy Stinson and asked him about his time in Guns N’ Roses. Of course Stinson brought up Team Brazil and their uselessness in managing the band.

His post read as follows

Tommy had a concert last night in someone’s living room in Buffalo. There was also a one hour “drinks with Tommy ” session available before the concert to talk with Tommy, hear stories, and have his “undivided ” attention. Got there at 6 on the dot, walk in, about 4 or 5 people were there. Host told me Tommy isnt there yet will be there soon.  (I’m already thinking “wtf”). Tommy gets there at 615, kind of gets the lighting squared away in the living room , stuff like that. I believe 5 people had bought the VIP ticket, 2 of us were there, the other people were hosts, helping, ect.

Some small talk about music -I get the feeling more of the people at his concerts are Replacements fans.  Of course my obsession with GNR takes an opening to ask some questions. they were talking about producers. I ask about Roy Thomas Baker.  Tommy says he could not wait for him to get fired. Hated working with him for a year and a half.  Mother him basically.  Pompous , and other words.

I asked if any of his solo stuff was intended for submission for GNR-said he gave a song which Axl sang vocals to that they did not or will not use. I cant remember how he worded it. Says he wishes he could get it back.  You could see and hear the regret over GNR not working out like he thought it would when he talks about the experience. Seemed almost apologetic about how they tried, mentioning issues with management and record company.  I wanted to ask more but he almost seemed uncomfortable talking about some of it, which I get , but I told him the band sounded great live when he was in it, which he agreed. It wasn’t a bad experience,  wish it was better organized (other people started showing up early during the meet and greet for instance) .

I know meet and greets with bands are a pic then you move on , so I guess it’s hard to complain,  but not sure I would do it again.  Also think they sold about 20 tickets too many , it was pretty crammed for the concert. Did say he and Axl left on good terms, as he has said before. I’m assuming the song he was talking about was Going Down? Or is that the Izzy song? I’ve been off the boards for the most part.