Guns N’ Roses Fans Slam The Band’s Management Over Their New Christmas Video!

Guns N’ Roses Fans Criticize the Band Over Their “Christmas Video”

Guns N’ Roses recently shared a Christmas themed video promoting their merchandise store. The video is well…..pathetic. It features a Santa Claus who at one point can’t even seem to properly fit those God awful Appetite for Destruction rings on his finger, sipping a drink from a Guns N’ Roses glass and putting a tacky ornament on a tree. Check out the video below, but the reaction on the MYGNRFORUM has been hilarious. Check out the responses to the video below.

Go For J Mark Says

Fans: We want a new record!
GN’R: Here’s a christmas ornament.


This is 110% a Fernando idea. What a joke.


completely ridiculous


a expletive’ puzzle? Really?

Stress Fracture

Watching that video, my main thought was that from the neck down it’s difficult to tell the difference between Axl and Santa nowadays.


Someone had to approve this. Like look at it and go “yup! we’re good to go!”. They simply don’t care anymore. It’s like Axl told TB: “whatever it takes to make more money!”

Now it’s truly Kiss territory.


Wow… and I thought I had seen it all…


I left this forum (and following the band) in the midst the 2nd leg of the NITL as I had no patience and was totally bored anticipating, waiting for new music, and now I’m back and still nothing much has happened. Plus with all the videos takedowns and them not doing anything about it, and wtf with the Christmas merch??? What a joke of a band! I’m not sure why I need to call myself a fan anymore.

El Guapo

Punk as expletive! But that cool song, “Welcome to the jungle” sounds great, is it from the upcoming album?

No fun following GnR, it’s torture really.


Hahahahahaha! In the video Santa can’t quite get the one ring on. It shows him try to wiggle it on and then they just give up and settle. With the ring only half way up his finger! :lol: