The Story of the Longstanding Feud Between Dave Grohl & Courtney Love!

The History of the Decades Long Feud Between Courtney Love & Dave Grohl

Today on Rock N’ Roll True Stories we take a look at the longstanding feud between Courtney Love and Dave Grohl. Check it out below!

Riki Rachtman Claims Slash Thought He Was a Bad Influence on Slash

Riki Rachtman the former owner of the Cathouse in Hollywood and the former host of Headbangers Ball gave an interview to Loudwire where he talked about his career and brought up how Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash didn’t think he was a good influence on Axl Rose. The exchange went as follows:

Let’s talk about the Cathouse. The brand is based on debauchery but ironically you’re sober. What’s most challenging about maintaining sobriety when you’re someone that people would want to buy you a drink?

It’s different now because when I bought the Cathouse, I was drinking and doing a lot of drugs. It went from booze to coke to met h, and I was a mess. There’s a lot of people from back then who will tell you. When you’ve got Slash telling you that, ‘Dude, you’re a bad influence on Axl. Don’t be hanging out with Axl.’ When they’re telling you stuff like that, it’s like damn. I would’ve died.

It was difficult at first, but now, and I’m not the guy to stand on a pedestal telling guys, ‘Be sober, be sober,’ or ‘I’m the sober guy and you should all be sober.’ I’ll tell you, when I went to Slayer, I’m the first one to go buy my fiancé a cocktail. I’m the first one to get drinks for my friends. I like it when people get a buzz on. But I’m an alcoholic and a drug addict. I can’t do that. I’m allergic to it. But they’re not, so when people are buzzed and having a good time, that’s okay. It’s when it goes past that point. Are there times when I think about drinking? Yeah. But I just don’t do it cause it’s not an option for me. If I had just a sip of beer, well, damn I’ve been sober 33 years. You think maybe I’ll have some whiskey or do some blow, but if I do there’d be no stopping me.