Guns N’ Roses Manager Reveals Mysterious Apology

Guns N’ Roses Manager Fernando Makes Apology Online

Guns N’ Roses useless manager Fernando made an apology to someone in his new years eve message. Check out his message below. Is he apologizing for all the bad decisions this year including as one fan on the MYGNRFORUM put it

Gnr laundry bag idea

The santa merch promo

The company he keeps on the reddit gnr forum (MSL)

Not adding optifast diet shakes into axls dressing room requirement.

Not pressuring the band to have done a second australian nitl tour in 2018/9

The memorial day gnr website post/advert.

Not answering russ and downzys question about new music

Potentially leaking new music

Not doing enough in managing the YouTutbe takedowns.

Not being positive in thanking Angie Warner with her award.

Still living  in axls malibu mansion. Ill assume your on a 20% commission. You make enough money, maybe you should find somewhere else to live?.

Company Who Made Rock Documentaries Hit With Massive Lawsuit

A company behind numerous rock n’ roll documentaries including one’s about  The Rolling Stones, U2 and Elton John “are nothing more than a delivery system for intentionally infringed materials,” according to a new lawsuit. A cluster of companies who own the rights to some of the most popular songs of all time filed a lawsuit against UK producer Coda Publishing, California based distributor Vision films and director Robert Carruthers and several others. The lawsuit claims the documentaries featuring the above mentioned artists used copyright music without permission.

The films include:

he Rolling Stones — Their Satanic MajestiesT

The Rolling Stones — Big Hits;

ABBA — the Gold Singles;

U2 — Phenomenon —

Part 2Nirvana — The Path From Incesticide to In Utero;

Nirvana — the Ultimate Review;

Elton John — in Performance;

Red Hot Chili Peppers — Behind the Music;

Red Hot Chili Peppers — Phenomenon; and

Lynyrd Skynyrd — Rock Case Studies.

Amazon has removed the titles from their website but they can still be watched through Vimeo. The lawsuit is asking for all copies of the films to be destroyed and for damages up to $150,000 be paid per infringement.

Nirvana’s Surviving Members Set to Reunite For Benefit Show Tomorrow

The surviving members of Nirvana are planning to reunite in Los Angeles tomorrow at a benefit show. The surviving members include drummer Dave Grohl, bassist Krist Novaselic and guitarist Pat Smear. Smear and Grohl currently play together in Foo Fighters. The trio will reunite tomorrow Saturday, January 4th at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles as part of the Art of Elysium event. It’s an annual gala in Los Angeles and the trio will be joined by St. Vincent, Joan Jett, Beck, L7, Cheap Trick and Grohl’s own daughter Violet.

It’s unknown whether the trio will perform Nirvana hits, but given that Joan Jett will be in attendance I’d guess there’s a good chance.

The Art of Elysium was founded in 1997 to “support individuals in the midst of difficult emotional life challenges like illness, hospitalization, displacement, confinement, and/or crisis,” according to the website. “We serve medically fragile children, teens, adults, seniors, those dealing with social, emotional and mental health issues and the homeless.”