Jimmy Page Just Learned About Led Zeppelin’s Boston Ban!

Jimmy Page Just Learned About the Band Being Banned From the City of Boston in the 70’s

Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page just recently revealed on Facebook that he wasn’t aware that his band was banned from the City of Boston in 1975 until just recently.

The guitarist only learned about the ban when he was doing research about the 45th anniversary where a riot broke out when fans were waiting on tickets to go on sale for a February 4, 1974 concert. He wrote on Facebook

“On this day in 1975, I planned to play Boston Garden,” “On researching for my website, I discovered that on Jan. 6, 1975, there had been an incident at the box office at Boston Garden in Boston, Mass., that had involved a sale/non-sale of tickets to thousands of fans. Police were called and it all ended with the scheduled Led Zeppelin show being canceled by Mayor Kevin H. White (who saw red) and, even more, there was apparently a five-year ban put on the band playing the venue. I was blissfully unaware of any of these shenanigans, but the mayor was, by all accounts, a Rolling Stones fan!”

Tickets were supposed to go on sale on January 6, 1975 so thousands of fans braved the cold and lined up outside the box office to procure tickets.

Due to the cold temperatures the venue’s ticket manager decided to open the lobby doors to let the fans warm up. The crowd broke into the Garden and . This forced management to open the ticket windows early leading to the show being sold out in the early hours of the morning.  Fans were all ramped up, broke into the beer concessions, trashed the venue and set fires.Riot police showed up to quell the crowd and damages were estimated to be between $50,000-$75,000. The mayor of Boston instituted a 5 year ban on Led Zeppelin even though he was a huge fan of the Rolling Stones.

The ban was lifted when the band broke up following the death of drummer John Bonham in 1980.

Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John Working on New Music

Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy’s manager and wife has revealed that her husband will be working with Elton John on new music this year.

During a segment on Osbourne’s daily talk show “The Talk” where she appears as one of several hosts she discussed what 2020 had in store for Ozzy.

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Asked on her TV show The Talk what the coming year held for Ozzy, Sharon replied,

“A lot of good things. Wellness. And to get back with his band, to get doing what he loves, which is touring and being out there with his fans. And yes, there’s new music, and it’s great. He’s got all his friends playing on it. He’s doing a song with Elton. There’s so much good stuff.”

She didn’t clarify whether the collaboration will show up on Ozzy’s upcoming album Ordinary Man that’s due in February sometime. We do know that Guns N’ Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan and Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Chad Smith will appear on the album.

.Ozzy and John’s friendship dates back decades and they worked together in the 2011 animated picture Gnomeo & Juliet, which was produced by John’s production company Rocket Films. The film featured Ozzy voicing the role of Fawn in the film.

In 2019 Ozzy told the Sun how John was there for him during his darkest times as he struggled with many health issues last year saying

 “Elton told me to get off the couch and start walking, which was what I needed, as I couldn’t move off it for months,”

“He was right. Elton is a sweetheart. He has phoned me throughout all this. He was at the house the other day with his two boys. They are great kids. They are such a good family. You would be surprised. When you are feeling miserable, you find out who is a friend and who doesn’t give a care.”