Nirvana Was the Most Played Band Of This Decade On Rock Radio

90’s Icon Nirvana Was the Most Played Artist of the Decade on Rock Radio

It was revealed today that grunge legends Nirvana was the most played band on mainstream rock radio this past decade. This is according to Nielsen’s Music’s year-end report for 2019.

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Of the top 10 songs Nirvana had four of them and the list was shared by Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam. Of course the song with the most plays was Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with Number 2 being “Man in the Box.” See the full list below!

Richard Fortus Praises Slash and Compares Him to Gary Clark Jr

In a new interview with Forbes Guns N’ Roses guitarist Richard Fortus discussed his bandmate Slash. He said the following:

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Baltin: I love Gary, and such a great guy. For you as a guitar player just talk about watching him.

Fortus: What he’s doing now is so different from the first time I saw him. It’s such a bigger band and it’s just different. I think he’s a fantastic guitar player. I love his playing and I love him cause he stretches. He’s not playing it safe

He’s really branching out and taking chances, which is what I love about Slash. He doesn’t fall into ruts. Every night it’s different. We both do that and I know he inspires me to not repeat myself, because we’ll do a lot of back and forth things.

Kirk Windstein Discusses Pantera’s Success

During an interview on the The Void with Christina Podcast, guitarist Kirk Windstein who plays with former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo in Down discussed Pantera’s success. The exchange went as follows:

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“Why do you think Pantera became so huge and everyone else didn’t get as huge?”, Kirk replied (transcribed by Ultimate Guitar):

“At the time they came out, all of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands, even the thrash bands, at the time Pantera came out Metallica went through the process of completely changing their sound…

“A lot of success the Big Four had, not that it went down or anything, but I think Pantera was like a breath of fresh air in a sense, like, to me, many people say it and it’s true, they’re the Texas metal version of Van Halen.

“And it’s not just because of Vinnie [Paul] and Dime [Darrell], God bless them both, being brothers, but it’s like they were arena-ready playing clubs. They played so many shows and they cut their teeth playing, writing, they had albums, and when they were signed, they were arena-ready.

“They weren’t like some band of guys that only played a few shows and somebody got a hold of the demo and signed this big deal. It’s, like, they earned it, for years and years and years and years.

“You got a charismatic guy like Phil [Anselmo] with an amazing voice fronting the band, he’s one of the greatest frontmen in my opinion as far as controlling the crowd and just in general.

“I’ll go with Rex [Brown, bass] next because I played with Rex in Down. It’s as tight as can be, a great musician. And then you got Vinnie Paul – amazing drums and of course I’ll save Dime for last.

“He’s… in my opinion, being a fan of certain guitarists is really a matter of taste. But personally, he’s one of my favorite guitar players of all time as far as soloing, even riff-writing or whatever.

“I think Pantera is what one of those bands that all four members, which you don’t get that much these days. All four members together created something so magic and so original and so special that without one of the guys, it’s not Pantera.

“There are a few bands that are like that. You couldn’t replace Rex or Vinnie; obviously, Phil and Dime… I think what Phil is doing right now is great, with The Illegals, doing the Pantera stuff, but they’re not trying to be Pantera.

“You have the voice of Pantera, the lyricist of Pantera fronting the band and they’re doing the music of Pantera, which is a great thing because we all love it, but it’s one of the few bands in rock history almost where if one dies or to leave, it wouldn’t work.

“It’s almost like Zeppelin when John Bonham passed away. They were smart enough to say, ‘You know what? No-one’s gonna replace him, so let’s just stop.’”