Photo Surfaces of Dave Grohl Warmly Embracing Guns N’ Roses Member!

Meegan Hodges Reveals Photo of Slash and Dave Grohl Embracing Each Other

Slash’s girlfriend Meegan Hodges shared a photo for Firenze, Italy from last summer when Axl Rose, Slash and Duff “Punk Rock” McKagan shared the stage with Foo Fighters for the song “It’s So Easy.” Check it out below!

James Hetfield To Appear At Car Show!

It was reported a while back that Metallica frontman James Hetfield would be donating ten of his classic custom cars to the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles this year. It appears that James Hetfield will be making his first public appearance since announcing he was checking into rehab late last year. He will be appearing at the opening night festivities at the Museum in Los Angeles taking time to participate in a chat and auction off two of his ESP guitars.  The appearance will take place on January 30th and is called the “Reclaimed Rust: The James Hetfield Collection.”

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The vehicles that are on display include:

  •  Voodoo Priest, based on a ’37 Lincoln Zephyr,
  • a ’36 Auburn roadster named Slow Burn,
  • a Delahaye inspired ’34 Packard, Aquarius,
  • a ’36 Ford in bare metal called Iron Fist,
  • a purple ’56 Ford F-100 pickup truck,
  • and three cars by custom fabricator Rick Dore: Black Pearl, a custom 1948 Jaguar, a ’52 Olds named Grinch, and Skyscraper, Hetfield’s 1953 Buick Skylark.

You can pick up tickets to the opening of the event here.

Chad Smith Discusses Collaborating with Duff McKagan and Slash on New Ozzy Osbourne Song With Elton John “Ordinary Man”

Ozzy Osbourne’s new great song “Ordinary Man” (hear below) features guest appearances by Slash of Guns N’ Roses (GNR) and Elton John in addition to Ozzy’s backing band featuring The Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith and GNR bassist Duff McKagan. Chad Smith recently appeared on Sirius XM to discuss how the collaboration came about with Lyndsey Parker.story continued below…

Smith explained that Elton also played piano on the song “Ordinary Man,” which he claimed to be as a “more mid-tempo-y” song that screams The Beatles and their influence on Ozzy.

Smith would go onto say that Producer Andrew Watt “had this little piano-idea thing, and we made it into this song, and it’s epic,” Smith would go onto reveal that guitarist Slash would play two parts on the song saying “It’s so epic there’s two Slash solos!”

Smith would recall how Elton John came aboard saying“‘Let’s get the Rocket Man! Do you know Elton? Yeah, we know Elton.’ They know everybody — all the English rock royalty. Andrew and I went down to Atlanta, where Elton John lives when he’s on the East Coast…and we recorded him, and he plays piano on the song, and he [does it] beautifully, of course. And then we’re like, ‘Why don’t we have him, like, sing a verse?’”Elton has been a close personal friend of Ozzy’s over the years and according to Smith Elton said “I’ll do anything for Ozzy. I love Ozzy.”

To capture that Beatles sound, Smith says he and Watt went to Abbey Road Studios in London to add a string section and record a choir for it.

Let’s just say the song is one of my favourites lately. You can listen to it below and let me know your thoughts.