Radio Host Eddie Trunk Attacks Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Over 2020 Inductees!

Radio Host Eddie Trunk Attacks Rock And Roll Hall of Fame!

Radio host and blowhard Eddie Trunk posted on social media who he voted for on his Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Ballot and took a swipe at the joke of a Rock Hall with their picks this year. Check out his post below!

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Horrible Details About Neil Peart’s Final Months Alive

In a new interview on Boston Rock Station WAAF, Godsmack singer and rhythm guitarist Sully Erna discussed the recent passing of Rush drummer Neil Peart and the influence he had on Erna.

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Erna said the following:

“Growing up, I will say that [Neil] was probably the single most influential musician in my life. If it wasn’t him and and John Bonham [LED ZEPPELIN] — and Shannon Larkin [GODSMACK], by the way — that’s my ‘big three’ [of drum influences]… Honestly, [Peart’s] technique, his hands, his amazing rhythms is really what kind of tuned me up to become the drummer I became. Between Bonham and Neil Peart, those were the guys.”

Erna revealed during the interview he got to meet Peart several times and became friends with him over the years. The 2003 Godsmack song “Serenity” from the group’s album “Faceless” was about Neil Peart’s book “Ghost Rider: [Travels on the Healing Road] that was released one year prior.

Erna said.

“And that’s when I first got to meet him. And since then, I became really good friends with his assistant and we’ve always kept in touch. I think we may have one of the last on-camera interviews with Neil, recently, when he agreed to do an interview for the director of this feature documentary we’re doing on my life story. He sat down in his whole drumming warehouse place and talked about me and Shannon’s playing and our drum solo and how impressed he was with the whole thing. And then soon after that, I heard he had gotten sick.”

Erna claims to have known about Peart’s battle with cancer “for a while” but was asked to keep it private. Erna claimed he was:

“Asked, out of respect for Neil and the privacy he liked to live in, to just not say anything. But I knew, when they were ending the RUSH tour, that he was sick, And then I knew it, even up to a year ago or so, he was in a wheelchair and he couldn’t speak. And it was just becoming more and more sad to me. And then I got the call a few days ago [letting me know about his death]. And they weren’t supposed to release [an official statement about it] till [Friday], they told me, so I just chose to honor that request and keep my mouth shut.

“When I got the call, man, it was like a big part of my life ended there too, because he was a tremendous influence [to me], I can’t even articulate how much this guy meant to me and how big of an inspiration he was and an influence on me being a musician. He was one of the ‘everything’ people in my life.”