Alter Bridge & Slash’s Singer Recalls Auditioning for Led Zeppelin Members!

slash featuring myles kennedy and the conspirators

Myles Kennedy Recalls 2008 Sessions Auditioning for Members of Led Zeppelin!

During a recent interview with a Greek outlet titled “TV War”, Alter Bridge and Slash’s frontman Myles Kennedy recalled his 2008 jam session with the surviving members of Led Zeppelin and drummer Jason Bonham. The sessions took place following the band’s 2007 reunion show in London. At that point in time Robert Plant never took part in additional shows so Myles Kennedy was brought in as a possible replacement.  In the video (see below) Kennedy reflected back on those days saying:

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“That was nuts in a good way,” he said (see video below). “Because he’s the guy [Page], for me, besides Eddie Van Halen, initially, that was ‘the guy.’ Both of those guys, I had posters of them all over my wall and to be standing there in front of one of them as he’s playing his guitar and I’m singing his songs was a trip.”

Kennedy was asked if he learned anything from Jimmy Page during their time together and he said:

“What I learned during that period was that…I think what I already knew, it just reaffirmed, the guy’s a genius,” he said. “That’s the thing about Zeppelin for me, they all were. Singing with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, it was like watching the way John would do things, I felt like he’s just as important in the mix, especially hearing that in the same room and being privy to their interaction. That was amazing. And Jason Bonham, he was brilliant in that context. It was a great experience.”

Kennedy in an earlier interview with VH1’s “That Metal Show” revealed:

“We played ‘The Rain Song’, which is probably my favorite LED ZEPPELIN song, ‘No Quarter’, ‘Kashmir’. It was a lot of fun,” he said.

Myles Kennedy has been busy the last year touring with Slash and the Conspirators and his main band Alter Bridge put out their sixth studio record “Walk the Sky” last October through label Napalm Records. The previous year in 2018 he released his first solo record “Year of the Tiger” and did some tour dates to support the record as well.