Metallica Bassist Cliff Burton’s Father Ray Burton Passes Away

Sad Day for Metallica Fans As Cliff Burton’s Dad Ray Burton Passed Away According to His Daughter

Metallica fans around the world today woke up to some sad news as it was revealed that bassist Cliff Burton’s father Ray Burton passed away at the age of 94. The news was confirmed by Connie Burton, Ray’s daughter and Cliff’s older sister.

“To let you all know that my Dad died last Wednesday,”

See her post below. A cause of death has not yet been revealed

Metallica fans became familiar with Cliff’s father ray as he appeared on VH1’s Behind the Music episode about Metallica and spoke at the band’s 2009 Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony on his son’s behalf.

Following his son Cliff’s death in 1986 following a bus crash in Sweden, Ray would give each successor to his son his own blessing starting with Jason Newsted who played with the band until early 2001. The band’s current bassist Robert Trujillo would be joined by Ray Burton on stage when they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

At the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony Burton said the following:

“My name is Ray Burton. I am Cliff Burton’s dad,” he said, to much applause. “The thing I’ve always liked about [Metallica] is that you see them play in person and you just immediately get a big smile on your face. There’s something about them that just brings a smile on.”

AC/DC To Announce a World Stadium Tour With Brian Johnson!

It is rumored that AC/DC will be announcing a world stadium tour with Brian Johnson back on vocals. Johnson, 72 left the band in 2016 after suffering from hearing problems and was replaced by Guns N’ Roses frontman on Axl Rose.

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It came to light on Monday when radio host Eddie McGuire accidentally leaked the announcement on Triple M radio  in Melbourne, Australia revealing

‘The greatest rock band in the history of Australian music will be reforming and playing in Australia in October/November this year!’

My mail is, there will be a new album released by AC/DC in February or March this year, but also that AC/DC will be touring Australia [in] October/November 2020.

‘And after a lot of work and a lot of technical research they have been able to get a hearing aid for Brian Johnson, who will be out front, and even Phil Rudd might be back in the group either playing percussion or drums.’

McGuire also claimed that lead guitarist Angus Young, 64, would join the tour, as well as drummer Phil Rudd, 65, who left the group in 2014 amid legal troubles.

‘I’m hearing the album will be out February [or] March, and we’ll all be banging our heads like the old days,’ he added.

Johnson had left the band in 2016 after being told by Doctors that if he continued to perform live he could risk facing “total hearing loss.” Johnson would recall at the time saying

‘That was the darkest day of my professional life,’

There has been no official announcement from AC/DC yet regarding a new album or tour, however a year or so ago the band was photographed in Vancouver at a recording studio leading some to believe there is an album coming. I am crossing my fingers!