Rapper Post Malone Reveals What Was Most Shocking About Ozzy Osbourne!

Post Malone Reveals He Was Shocked By Parkinson’s Diagnosis

Rapper Post Malone who collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne on his latest record 2019’s Hollywood’s Bleeding song “Take What You Want” and performed live with the Prince of Darkness over the past few months, most notably at the American Music Awards and at one of the rapper’s shows, revealed he was shocked by Ozzy’s health announcement last week that he had parkinsons. 

During an interview with Rolling StonePost Malone revealed his thoughts on Ozzy’s recent health announcement stating he “had no idea” his health problems were so serious when he was working with the singer.

Malone would tell the magazine “Working with him and hanging out with him and being around him, you can’t tell,” Malone says. “You can tell he has a little difficulty getting around, but he’s so strong … [Ozzy is] going to keep kicking but.”

Back in 2001 Axl Rose Showed Up at the NBA Finals in Los Angeles!

Back in 2001, a very different looking Axl Rose showed up at Game 1 of the NBA Finals where the LA Lakers lost to the Philadelphia 76ers. He talked a bit about Shaq and Kobe and Allen Iverson of the 76ers. Check it out below!

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Slash Reveals What He Didn’t Like About Old Gibson Guitars

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently appeared at this year’s NAMM and talked to  Guitar Magazine.

Slash discussed his relationship with guitar maker Gibson and new Guns N’ Roses music.

Slash is the first artist in Gibson history to have their own guitar collection. He was asked about the difference between the old Slash guitars and the new models saying:

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“It’s an interesting thing – before I even got a new ‘Cesar era’ Les Paul, I noticed a different vibe just in seeing the print ads. There was something about the vibe that was exciting.

“And then the first guitars that I saw, Cesar [Gueikian, Gibson CMO] brought me over one of all the different models that they were going to be coming out with, and they just all felt crisp and tight and put together.

“One of the problems I had with some of the USA guitars a while back was I felt like there wasn’t as much focus on the way that they were set up.

“Not because the USA guys were putting them together wrong but I think it was just a general disillusionment that it developed over time, and you could tell that maybe they were not as enthusiastic about it as they are now.

“This is one of the iconic things in pop culture, you know? It’s like Fender doesn’t need to play around with the Strats! If you want to have one line that’s totally out of the ordinary, it’s great, but to take the whole company and sort of set it in this direction…

“There was a time when if you went into a guitar store and you wanted to buy a new Les Paul, you had to have the robo-tuners. And that was not really what people wanted – it’s sort of like Apple when they stuck that [U2] record [2014’s ‘Songs of Innocence’] in your phone! That’s not how the guitar is supposed to work!”

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He was asked if he’d like to see more guitars added to his Gibson line adding

“Well, I shouldn’t speak out of turn, but I would like to do an Epiphone line. And what we’re discussing now is doing another Goldtop, instead of it being a Custom Shop model. I love Goldtops, so I would love to have that.”