5 Things You Didn’t Know About Guns N’ Roses Drummer Matt Sorum

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Guns N’ Roses Drummer Matt Sorum

Today we take a look at 5 things you didn’t know about Guns N’ Roses drummer Matt Sorum. Check it out below!

COREY TAYLOR Calls Out Beer Thrower During SLIPKNOT Show

SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR confronted a fan who threw a beer at the singer while the band was performing in Amsterdam last night (January 28th). TAYLOR’s a guy who doesn’t take crap from anyone and I appreciate that. It reminds me of how GUNS N’ ROSES frontman AXL ROSE confronting the audience when people would throw stuff on stage. The vocalist lashed out at a fan caling him a “dumb(expletive)” beer thrower. Why people throw stuff on stage I’ll never understand.

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You can watch the clip below!

Radio Host HOWARD STERN Discusses AEROSMITH’s Performance

Radio Host HOWARD STERN recently discussed AEROSMITH’s GRAMMY’s performance this weekend. The performance saw AEROSMITH perform a medley of their hits and they would be joined by RUN D-M-C to perform their crossover hit “WALK THIS WAY.”

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AEROSMITH frontman STEVEN TYLER was criticized for his vocal performance by some online and HOWARD STERN discussed the performance this week on his Siriux-XM Radio Show: (according to fan site MarksFriggin.com).

Howard said Aerosmith got bleeped during a song. Robin said she heard they had a bad performance. Howard played them getting bleeped.

Howard said when they did Walk This Way they had the rap guys talking over their song. He played some of that performance and it did sound like a mess. Howard said that’s what happened there. Robin said they said that was one of the low lights of the Grammys. Howard said he has more people getting edited.

Ozzy Osbourne Appears in New PETA Ad

It’s been a busy news week or rather month for OZZY OSBOURNE whose got a new album coming out next month titled “ORDINARY MAN.” He also revealed a few weeks ago he’s been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and revealed he is still on the fence about doing his tour this year. He also appeared at the GRAMMY AWARDS this past weekend looking frail and walking with the help of a cain. He presented a rap award and was joined onstage by his wife.

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Getting back to his PETA ad OZZY OSBOURNE is warning people not to declaw their cats. The ad warns that when cats are declawed it also amptuates their toes and can cause nerve damage, a lot of pain and infection. The message is particularly special to Ozzy who almost lost some of his own fingers because of an infection he dealt with in 2018.

When cats are declawed, their claws and part of their toes are amputated. Veterinarians equate declawing with cutting off the last bone in a human’s finger, often causing nerve damage, infection, and immense pain — a message that hit home for OZZY OSBOURNE, who nearly lost some of his own fingers in late 2018 as a result of an infection.


“Amputating a cat’s toes is twisted and wrong. If your couch is more important to you than your cat’s health and happiness, you don’t deserve to have an animal! Get cats a scratching post — don’t mutilate them for life.”

There’s been almost 24 countries including Austrlia, England and Japan as well as New York state that have prohibited or restricted the practice. PETA instead, encourages people to keep their cats’ nails short and give them scratching posts. OSBOURNE isn’t the only celebrity endorsing PETA as he is joined by his wife and manager SHARON OSBOURNE, his daughter KELLY OSBOURNE,MOBY; PAUL McCARTNEY, JOAN JETT and ROB ZOMBIE.

For more information, visit PETA.org.