Hip Hop Star To Pay Tribute To THE ROLLING STONES On SUPER BOWL Sunday!

The Rolling Stones

THE ROLLING STONES To Be Featured in Upcoming SUPER BOWL Ad This Sunday

THE ROLLING STONES 1966 hit song “Paint It Black” will be covered in a SUPER BOWL ad this coming Sunday it was revealed today. The song will be part of a PEPSI Zero Sugar ad and will feature a cover of the tune instead of the original recording. The cover will be recorded by MISSY ELLIOTT and H.E.R.

The ad idea is as follows, the hip-hop singer will be joined by H.E.R. will be dressed in red with a number of other people holding a red can that looks like PEPSI’s competitor COCA-COLA and sing the song “Paint It Black.” The red can of course transofmrs into a black can with the PEPSI Zero Sugar labelling on it. You can watch the commercial below!

“Paint It, Black”was found on the group’s “Aftermath” record and it was an important period for the group who moved away from their classical blues sound to more experimental territory. Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones took center stage in the song with his sitar. The song was a hit in both the United States and the UK. THE ROLLING STONES are no strangers to the SUPER BOWL as their hit song “Sympathy for the Devil” was used by Mercedes back in 2013 and the band of course played the HALF TIME SHOW in 2006, which you guys can see below. “Paint it Black” topped the singles chart in both the U.S. and the U.K when it was released back in 1966

Late last year guitarist RONNIE WOOD revealed the band was working on a new album, a follow up to their 2016 covers record “Blue and Lonesome.” It would mark the first album of original material from the group in 15 years when they put out “A Bigger Bang.”